NEONS OOH Conference: Data exists, we need to imbibe technology: Haresh Nayak, Posterscope

Nayak, Regional Director, Posterscope Asia Pacific & Group MD, Posterscope Group South Asia spoke on how outdoor advertising can be optimised with the help of data, technology & infrastructure

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Updated: Mar 11, 2019 9:04 AM
Haresh Nayak

Talking at the NEONS OOH Conference event held in Delhi, Haresh Nayak, Regional Director, Posterscope Asia Pacific & Group MD, Posterscope Group South Asia threw light on how data, technology and infrastructure can optimise the future of the outdoor advertising. 

Speaking about the change taking place in the OOH industry and why it is important Nayak stated, “There has been a lot of talk about data and measurement. With technology and a greater infrastructure, we can optimise OOH. Things are changing at a rapid pace. Navigating this change is very essential in our industry. Bringing in new talent and retaining that core talent is essential. We need to see the change that is taking place and imbibe change.” 

This change is helping clients to navigate in this content clutter world that we are in. “People say that digital is giving one to one ads and clients are expecting personalised ads delivered to the consumers. Technology today gives you leverage to take this medium of OOH advertising to the next level. The important thing of OOH advertising is that it does not have any ad block we need to use this strength of the medium and take it to the next level,” commented Nayak.

“Everything is optimised. Technology is controlling how we function. Whereas before we use to focus on Excel sheets and PowerPoint presentations,” commented Nayak about the change happening at Posterscope.

How can the OOH medium of advertising be strengthened and taken to the next level? Nayak commenting on this said, “Our ecosystem is getting more and more cluttered there are so many media options and channels. Secondly, we are continuously seeing online sites and new channels are coming in. Today, if you look at the way TV is changing with the latest TRAI notification that has come in play, consumers are looking at media which is on demand. It has become all about OTT platforms, the consumer wants to see only a particular type of content without ads. Coming back to the core aspect of OOH and consumer data there should be an independent study or research. However, there is no research and I'm not sure when the industry is going to drive the research.” 

There is a lot of currency in digital media, can we transfer that currency to OOH? “Consumers are leaving their digital footprint and personalised information every week online and this data can be optimised. In 2014, the company Myanmar was planning everything from infrastructure to roads because there was no proper data. When they did a manual data they found out that they were not 70 million people but 50 million people who view their ads. Hence the over-investment in a lot of things had to be curtailed,” stated Nayak.  

Data can be provided to the clients and they can benefit from it. “OOH is generally a dark medium and data is the new light. We can use data which is available in government reports, online, offline or independent data. Our clients are saying that today don’t give me your agency report or personal report, give me data which is taken by the industry,” stated Nayak. 

“Today we are able to bring our brands and consumers together. Infrastructure is needed and in India infrastructure is going to change rapidly. As custodians of the industry, it is very important to look at what kind of infrastructures are available globally and use that. With the right kind of technology, infrastructure and ambience our medium will grow. And if we can give those currencies to our clients, they would spend more and invest in our medium. Greater experiences can be derived and there are so many media options available, there are alternatives where you can engage with the audiences. We can grab their attention by having engagement or activities in a captive domain. We as a country are moving in the right direction, our economy is growing and things are changing. As an industry we all are responsible to make sure that we ask our partners to invest in a right kind of infrastructure and create the right kind of ambience to invest in the medium,” concluded Nayak.

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