Go outdoor this festive season, experts urge brands

Cost effectiveness and large scope for innovation - exchange4media pens down a few reasons why brands should include outdoor in their media plans this festive season

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Published: Sep 23, 2013 8:11 AM  | 4 min read
Go outdoor this festive season, experts urge brands

The tough market conditions have compelled various brand categories to keep a lid on spends in the first half of the year. But with the festive season already underway, brands are looking to make up for the low sales period.

Prospects for out of home as communication segment has brightened as brands go on marketing overdrive. Though the spends might not be as high as in the previous years, industry experts believe that there are good avenues to explore in outdoors during this festive season.

exchange4media pens down few reasons why brands should include outdoor in their media plans...

Consumers can be caught out of home literally
“Festivals are the best time to appeal to the religious sentiments of the consumers and make a personal connection to leave a lasting impact. During this season out of home advertising increases effectiveness, creates greater impact and generates higher engagement with audiences,” remarked Nabendu Bhattacharyya, Founder and Managing Director, Milestone Brandcom.

Agreeing with this, James Varghese, Chief Operating Officer, Adzedge said, “Market sentiments in India are very positive during the festive season since consumers view this season to bring good fortune.”

Buying sentiments too are seen to be high during this season, with the general tendency amongst consumers to save for making major purchases during the festive season. Thus, brands are on the lookout for multiple avenues to attract consumers – be on the streets or inside a shop. Varghese is also of the opinion that the inclusion of out of home in brands’ media plans enables catchment planning to drive sales.

Cost effective medium
Slowdown times force companies to tighten their marketing budgets. Thus, it becomes imperative for brands to use their monies smartly. According to Bhattacharyya, the outdoor medium has the least spillover effect in comparison to other media vehicles. Outdoor advertising is an effective way to communicate with the masses and the perfect gateway which helps brands to engage with and influence consumers’ purchasing decisions as well.

Rajiv Saxena, Managing Director, Blue Ocean stressed that outdoor is economical in terms of scale on price when compared to other media as its visible 24x7.

Saxena also said that there is a lot of creative freedom in outdoor advertising. “There can be multiple usage of creative in line with the locations, need, size, and for many other reasons,” he added.

OOH media can complement brands’ communication strategy by showcasing innovative and creative outdoor advertising, reaching out to the world on the move.

“Outdoor advertising builds regular impressions with users over time and registers brand image continuously, making it an efficient and definitive platform for communication. As a medium, outdoor can be used innovatively to create numerous differentiators to connect with the diverse target groups and create an admiration in the minds of the audiences,” Bhattacharyya remarked.

Localisation in outdoors can be impressive
Today, localisation of advertising campaigns and promotional activities has become an important factor for brands, the main reason being that it can boost brand awareness and sales. “If you want to localise advertising in outdoors, it is important to understand the pulse of your target consumer and then play on it so that they favour your product,” said Sunder Hemrajani, Managing Director, Times OOH.

Localisation deepens that connection due to the fact that people feel the impact more if a message is conveyed to them in a language that they understand the most. The stronger the understanding, the stronger would be the urge to buy a product. Localisation is not just the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a language for a specific region. There is much more to it and experts believe that outdoor advertising has the power to roll out localised campaigns most effectively.

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