Advertising at Mumbai and Delhi airports finally ready for takeoff

Experts say one of the key factors driving this growth is the increase in the dwell time of passengers at airports due to increased security measures

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Published: Aug 27, 2020 8:42 AM  | 8 min read
Growth in Airport Advertising

As the nation went into a lockdown in March to stop the spread of Covid-19, airport advertising was on a standstill for two months until the government permitted domestic air travel in May. Hit hard, most brands are looking forward to reviving the losses endured during the lockdown period. In the three months since the opening of airports, brands like Vivo, Volkswagen, KIA Motors, and Naturals have come on board and invested in airport inventories. With more and more people beginning to travel, brands are now achieving greater impact in promoting their products and services at airports. Sectors like automobile, consumer durables, BFSI, and mobile handsets have been the benefactors of growth in airport advertising during this period.

With new safety measures in place, there has also been an increase in dwell time for consumers-90 minutes approx-, and this provides an opportunity for brands to make their campaigns more visible. Experts say PPE kits, hand sanitizers, seat branding, and DOOH are gaining more share in this post-lockdown environment.

e4m spoke to OOH experts on the growth of airport advertising both at Delhi and Mumbai airports and the key factors that are driving the growth.

The Growth

According to Aman Nanda, Chief Strategy Officer, Times OOH, the overall confidence of passengers as well as advertisers is growing as we unlock. “Our airports have seen high passenger traffic growth. Both Mumbai and Delhi airports saw a 30% increase in passenger traffic in July and August. The resumption of airport operations with new safety procedures and protocol has instilled confidence in flyers which allowed for the eventual bounce back in traffic to happen. We have also been able to close several advertising deals in the month across categories,” shares Nanda.

Atul Shrivastava, CEO, Laqshya Media Group says, “With the opening up of air travel, airports have seen a good spike in the number of travelers. Delhi and Mumbai are two of the largest airports in India with maximum traffic. Domestic traffic in Delhi has crossed 35% of last year’s July traffic, and Mumbai domestic traffic has crossed 30% of the same time last year. Interestingly, domestic traffic in Hyderabad airport was more than Mumbai in June 2020. Overall, we are witnessing a 30-50% increase in traffic month-on-month since June 2020. Traffic would further accelerate in all Metro Airports once the mandatory home quarantine on landing (14 days) rule is lifted.”

Gulab Patil, Founder, CEO, Lemma Technologies, remarked, “The inflow of demand for airport inventory is certainly higher in comparison to other place-based media. One in every two queries that come in is in fact for airport inventory, irrespective of the city or product. Comparing the demand from May 25 to now, there’s a growth witnessed every month, averaging anywhere between 45% and 55% M-O-M. Not just the growth in demand but even the reason to travel has seen a shift from essentials to now leisure and business trips.”

Atin Gupta, Managing Director, Atin Promotions & Advertising, added, “It’s been slow and steady growth. Clients have started coming back especially at airports where the offerings are in line with traffic figures.”

Also, brands have oped for new inventories in regards to the new safety measures implemented in airports.

Nanda shared, “We have been proactive in offering brands some new innovative options alongside the regular premium media in these testing times. For example, we have Naturals salon that has sponsored handsanitisers at Coimbatore and Trichy airports. It is a new area that the pandemic has led people to be conscious about and various brands have ventured into this industry. We are also in talks with brands at Mumbai and Delhi airports to offer other new avenues like floor markers, seat branding, and check-in glasses which now have become a regular part of passenger journey and dwell time within the airports. Also, there are specialized interventions, like developing concepts around the point of sale of PPE, about which we are in talks with authorities with regards to brand advertisement.”

Patil added, “Brands are on a constant lookout for ways that offer meaningful interactions with audiences at any given point. In the current scenario, in case of DOOH screens, brands are looking at technology-based variations like contextual ads, dynamic ads, audience-based ad serving capabilities, ensuring that each exposure translates to relevant reach.”

On the same note, Gupta pointed out that now brands are focusing more on digital inventories, especially ones that provide them with data.

The increase in dwell time at airports has called for an increase in brand visibility. The pandemic has revamped consumers' behaviour patterns and lifestyles. The post-lockdown environment and new safety measures have introduced new avenues for brands to make their campaigns more visible to consumers.

Sharing his perspective, Nanda says, “One of the areas where the new rules have had an impact is the dwell time of passengers inside airports. It is as much as 90 minutes in departures due to the protocols, offering higher mind space of passengers in the airports making them more receptive to brand communication and advertising. Media opportunities are well-positioned at our airports and a well-designed path from the curb to gate translates more dwell time within the terminal and more opportunities for passengers to engage with the brands. And OOH has been inherently a larger-than-life media offering high visibility as you take your journey.”

Patil explains that increased dwell time with limited distraction is one of the newer selling points for the airport inventory coupled with a certain audience segment belonging to a certain income group, shared interests, and affinities. “All of these put together make it a lucrative space for brand advertising with higher OTS for brands," shared Patil.

Brands that are spending on airport inventory

Nanda, talking about the brands that are spending on airport inventory, says, “We have almost all the top categories back at airport advertising that were present pre-Covid. Automobile brands have a challenging time ahead to recover the sales. Multiple BFSI campaigns are on. Even handsets that have been very active at airports have continued where they had left from, and we are expecting others to follow. Also, some growing categories like OTT and e-commerce have invested in airport advertising with brand communications being around new series and product launches. We are also witnessing interest from new emerging categories like personal care and healthcare. Somewhere all sectors are hit by supply chain disruptions at one end and low consumer sentiments on the other, and advertising would play a key role in the revival.”

In terms of Mumbai airport, according to Times OOH, in the automobile category, Volkswagen is using large outdoor sites catering to the arrival of passengers. KIA Motors has been leveraging the arriving audiences at the public concourse area and Apollo Tyres has been targeting the departure and arrival of passengers.

Abbey Thomas, Head of Marketing, Volkswagen Passenger Cars India speaking about the ad spends that are going into airport advertising says, “Airport advertising constitutes a major share of our OOH advertising budget; cities like Mumbai and Delhi accounts for nearly 60 percent of air travel in India and thus are the focus areas in our media planning.”

 Talking about how effective airport advertising is for brands in the current post-pandemic market, Thomas remarked, “With the slow and steady resumption of air travel, airports provide the OOH industry and brands a huge opportunity to connect with their audience being one of the few public places that can offer focused consumer attention in the current situation.”

 Pointing out the new inventories that brands are opting for Thomas says, “Media at departure is the single largest section where the dwell time has increased rapidly due the current restrictions and within the section seat branding in the waiting area is largely unexplored.  Additionally, vehicle display at a prominent location in the departure area offers immense visibility for auto brands like ours. There is an added advantage in having vehicle displays at airport premises, since the area around the displays are much larger and safer in terms of social distancing.”

In the handset category, at Mumbai airport, Vivo is prominently displayed at the Departure Check-In Area and Apple has strategically displayed its campaigns for head-on visibility at Departures.

For Patil, it has been automotives, mobile, OTT, and FMCG categories that have been the primary sectors to ‘begin again’ on airport inventories. However, Patil points out that the game will be very different around the same time next month with the onset of IPL along with the Indian festive season.

Gupta, meanwhile, said consumer durables, auto, financial, PSU, and real estate have started to spend on airport inventory.

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Athlete representation firm ENGN launches OOH campaign with top athletes

The campaign also features brand ambassador Esha Deol

By exchange4media Staff | Nov 15, 2022 3:48 PM   |   2 min read


ENGN, a Mumbai-based athlete representation company, has launched an OOH campaign showcasing their line-up of top Indian female athletes and the brand ambassador Esha Deol.

The campaign will feature ENGN athletes Olympian swimmer Maana Patel, Anisha Aswal, Nithyashree Ananda, Lakshmi GM, Shivani Soam and Anoli Shah. 

The Campaign ‘I am my own ENGN’ reflects the philosophy of empowerment and self-belief. ENGN’s hoardings are up in Andheri Link Road and  will be seen all over Mumbai at prime OOH locations like Vile Parle & Breach Candy.

Megha Desai, Co-Founder, ENGN, says, “ENGN was founded with an aim to empower women athletes to hone their sport, provide them access to best training facilities, coaches, nutrition and anything else they may require. We have been working towards our mission for over a year now and we are super proud of the athletes we represent. ‘I am my own ENGN’ embodies the brand’s core belief – that of strength, confidence, drive and grit which not only do these girls display but also inspire other young girls with.”

Commenting on the campaign, Esha Deol, Brand Ambassador, ENGN, says, “I already knew about the athletes when I came on board on ENGN but meeting them and getting to know them was a completely different experience. I am just amazed by the sheer hard work, determination & belief that these girls have. These girls are our nation’s pride & it’s an honour to share the frame with them. Being a sports lover myself, I hope we not only encourage these girls but also actively cheer for them.”

The campaign aims to focus on strength, confidence, drive and grit reflecting the motto of the brand in supporting young talents and providing them with support to achieve significant milestones and bring accolades for the nation, the company said.



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HP launches programmatic DOOH campaign for Spectre 360

The campaign has been jointly executed by Lemma and Yahoo

By exchange4media Staff | Nov 7, 2022 3:25 PM   |   2 min read


HP India has launched its latest range of HP spectre 360 laptops with a multi-city programmatic digital out-of-home campaign enabled via Lemma, a SSP for digital out-of-home, and Yahoo, as the demand side platform.

The campaign jointly executed by Lemma and Yahoo for HP aimed to reach urban outdoor audiences during the festive season in locations that attract the desired target audience for the brand. The campaign was activated at malls and airports, identified as prime clusters mapped to the campaign's key target audience, arrived at utilizing Lemma’s advanced audience buying and predictive analytics tools

HP Spectre 360's large format video creative was activated across metro cities with a clear call to action to scan the QR code and identify the nearest store. Peak hour ad rendering on screens offering high dwell time via programmatic technology powered the latest campaign.

“We are delighted to have once again collaborated with Lemma to get the most out of our programmatic DOOH campaigns, achieving top funnel, flexible timing and targeted audiences for HPs objectives with the Spectre 360 product launch”, says John McNerny, Sr. Dir., Yahoo.

Commenting on the campaign, Gulab Patil, Founder & CEO, Lemma, said, "Programmatic Digital out of home enables brands to capitalize on the audience's newfound appreciation for the outdoors. Leveraging advanced targeting tools and audience buying, marketers can reach the right target audiences at scale through large digital outdoor ads with minimal spillage."

He continues, "HP's campaign enabled by our integration with Yahoo's DSP is a perfect example of how brands can use pDOOH effectively to reach audiences during the festive season by being present at sites with heavy foot traffic without exiting the digital media ecosystem."

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Bharat Media Group wins OOH mandate for Muthoot Finance’s 'Goldman' campaign in South

The agency also won the OOH mandate for Muthoot Forex for the Kochi market

By exchange4media Staff | Nov 7, 2022 11:36 AM   |   3 min read


Bharat Media Group (BMeG), a 360-degree integrated marketing and communication agency, has won the OOH mandate for Muthoot Finance’s new marketing campaign for the Southern markets- Telangana and Tamil Nadu. Along with this, BMeG has also won the OOH mandate for Muthoot Forex for the Kochi market.

Muthoot Finance’s latest marketing campaign is about their new mascot ‘Goldman’ who drives the message of  ‘Put your Gold to Work’ for their various credit needs. The campaign uses a comic approach and is played by some of the leading Indian comic faces like Johnny Antony, Brahmanand, Sadhu Kokila, and Redin Kingsley across four languages - Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil, respectively.

This character ‘Goldman’ in the campaign, is personified as the gold lying idle in the home. It highlights how gold loans can meet the financial needs of people across classes and various situations and the convenience of availing one over other credit options in the market. Through the campaign, the company aims to connect with a newer and younger target audience to showcase how their gold assets can be monetized to fulfil their dreams and needs. Divided into three phases, the campaign uses a diverse media mix, and OOH is one of the mediums used to amplify the message. 

Whereas the Muthoot Forex campaign is primarily an OOH-driven campaign that focuses on accentuating the brand’s products and services. To get maximum eyeballs, the BMeG OOH team, along with Muthoot Team, chose the Kochi Metro rail to run the campaign. The entire metro train is wrapped in the brand’s creative depicting various offerings of Muthoot Forex.

Speaking about the partnership, KR Bijimon, Executive Director and COO of Muthoot Finance, said, “Through this campaign, we wanted to amplify the trust and faith instated in our name to a newer and larger set of younger audiences. OOH is a crucial medium that helps create mind space for the brand among the targeted TG. We are quite happy to have BMeG as our OOH partner in creating the desired visibility for the brand in all relevant OOH platforms in the designated markets.”

Talking about the association, Anand Charles, CEO of Bharat Media Group, said, “The Goldman OOH campaign is a very prestigious win for us.  In recent times, Out of Home advertising has made a strong comeback and has been seen as one of the preferred modes of marketing communication. The association with Muthoot Group (Muthoot Finance and Forex) reiterates the industry trend. Our OOH team is quite elated to be part of the exciting campaign of Muthoot Finance. The team zeroed in on strategic locations and used multiple mediums such as hoardings, airports, bus shelters, transit, digital screens, railway stations etc., to take the campaign live.”

But winning the OOH mandate for Muthoot Forex is the cherry on the cake as it’s also one of the most extensive campaigns for the brand in recent times.”

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Posterscope India takes Pepperfry's 'memevertisement' to OOH

The campaign has been strategically executed across eight-plus cities and in more than 250+ media to drive talkability

By exchange4media Staff | Nov 2, 2022 11:41 AM   |   3 min read

pepperfry meme

Posterscope India, dentsu India’s location specialist agency, executed its latest OOH (out-of-home) campaign for Pepperfry. Titled, ‘Pepperfry MemeSuperstars’.

The campaign has been strategically executed across eight-plus cities and in more than 250+ media to drive talkability. It has enabled the brand to inform, attract & engage with its audience through the campaign. To generate maximum impact, it targeted locations such as arterial routes, corporate areas, market areas, and competition brand locations to reach out to the brand’s core target group. The OOH campaign hoardings have been set up at location-specific billboards on high congregate touchpoints, Digital Outdoors, Bus Shelters, Cab, Bus & Metro Branding, Mall Media, and Residential Association Media, among others. 

‘Pepperfry MemeSuperstars’ campaign, aptly underlines the core differentiation the brand offers - a nationwide walk-in studio footprint, and a wide portfolio of furniture and home décor pieces to choose from. 

The brand further integrated with social media platforms by creating #pepperfryMemesuperstars. It enticed the audience to post pictures of OOH campaigns which further helped in the creation of user-integrated content. This has led to an increase in engagement, creating a sense of closeness between the brand & the audience.

  • The Angry Saif: A wobble head of Saif moving, using a motor mechanism.
  • The Broken Billboards: An OOH storytelling experience of a tangy fight between Saif & Kareena using memes.
  • Thank you, Babaji: Kareena’s cut-out with her famous dialogue. This time it is for the existence of Pepperfry that she is thankful for.
  • Meme it up: A lit experience with Saif’s sword lit up on billboards.

Speaking on the campaign, Naveen Murali, Head of Marketing, Pepperfry said, “With Diwali right around the corner, we are back to opening up our homes to celebrations and hence, also setting up or upgrading our homes for this occasion. what Pepperfry offers is what the consumer of today seeks in their furniture shopping experience - the true omnichannel shopping experience. It offers the convenience of online shopping with endless choices and the possibility to experience the ones they wish to, up close at the walk-in studios. Outdoor as a medium needed to be treated differently and once the campaign creative was locked, Posterscope helped in crafting a perfect outdoor plan to break the clutter with innovative thinking and creative execution, backed by location-based intelligence." 

Imtiyaz Vilatra, MD, Posterscope India added, “We got an opportunity to execute & amplify INDIA’s FIRST OOH Meme campaign and left no stone unturned to create a high-impact campaign for the brand. The idea here remains to create buzz and drive talkability. With Diwali being a highly cluttered environment in OOH space, this MEME campaign truly broke that and made us stand out in minds of TG.”

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Tanishq unveils immersive experience zone for Chennai shoppers

The 3D experience has been crafted by Inventech from the Laqshya Media Group

By exchange4media Staff | Oct 20, 2022 2:13 PM   |   3 min read


This festive season, Tanishq, the jewellery retail brand from the house of Tata, in association with Inventech, a Laqshya Media Group company, unveiled the first-of-its-kind immersive experience zone at Palladium Mall, Velachery Road, Chennai. The exclusive experience zone is a unique fusion of technology and tradition where users can don the Chozha collection, inspired by the famous Chozha dynasty of south India.

It is aimed to create a highly immersive and personalized 3D experience for the audience with the Chozha collection inspired by the golden age of the Chozha dynasty. An interactive technology kiosk was created where users selected the intricate jewellery pieces from the Chozha collection, which was presented in 3D, creating a visual delight for the viewers. It includes 3D holographic videos, fingerprint scanners, and intuitive virtual and augmented reality.

Furthermore, the customers explored various chapters of the craftsmanship and the process of making the Chozha collection a masterpiece through an interactive Chozha book where hand gesture sensors control the digital projection book. An intuitive augmented reality Chozha mirror has also been created where users are invited to be a part of the Golden Age of Chola, wear different pieces of the Chozha collection, and celebrate their legacy. In addition, this customized experience video for every user with different jewellery pieces of their choice is also sent to them for social media amplification.

Ranjani Krishnaswamy, GM-Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Limited, said, “Tanishq has celebrated the cusp of classic and the contemporary, the rootedness of vintage with the flair of the chic. Our Chozha collection is an interpretation of the glorious history of finely crafted jewellery for the modern Indian woman. To truly experience the pride of that era and the intricate craftsmanship which celebrates the art, architecture, and literature of the jewellery, we invite you to an immersive experience where tradition meets technology. You can experience the grandeur of the Chohza dynasty and the deep design stories that have inspired beautiful first-of-its-kind jewellery that is befitting for the Pudhumai Penn of Tamil Nadu.”

Talking about the experience centre Sommnath Sengupta, CEO of Inventech, A Laqshya Media Group company, said, "To mesmerize the audience with the latest Tanishq Chozha collection inspired by the golden age of the Chozha dynasty, we created a customized immersive experience centre at Palladium Mall, Velachery, Chennai. The commuters engrossed themselves in immersive content and technology in the entry as they stepped inside the zone. To showcase the jewellery and its various inspirations from the dynasty, an interactive technology kiosk is created where users can select the Chozha collection and experience the inspiration in a visual delight of the Jewellery pieces in a 3D immersive way." He added, "The collection is created with meticulous detailing and craftsmanship. Hand gesture sensors are also used to control an interactive digital projection book. As a result, commuters can explore different chapters of the craftsmanship behind Chozha's masterpiece collection."

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Duroflex picks The Brand Sigma for OOH campaign

The ‘Festival of Change’ is a pan India campaign

By exchange4media Staff | Oct 19, 2022 2:40 PM   |   2 min read


Duroflex has chosen The Brand Sigma to roll out its month-long pan India OOH campaign with the objective of maximising brand recall and reaching out to the right TG with the campaign message.

Featuring brand ambassador and actress Alia Bhatt, the “Festival of Change” campaign urges Indians to make a meaningful lifestyle change this Diwali - upgrading sleep essentials that can enable deep healthy sleep for a better life.

Spanning across Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities of 10 states across India, Duroflex OOH branding was created on high impact head-on solus media sites, breaking the clutter that gives the brand top of the mind recall and exclusive OTS.

Harish Menon, General Manager (Sales) - North, East & West, Duroflex said: “Duroflex has always sought to connect with customers and give them a delightful experience. This campaign aims to target not only the traditional but also new age consumer who is looking at buying best-in-class sleep solutions. The campaign unveiled in the time of Diwali this year once again met that objective. Outdoor is a medium that delivers impact to the overall campaign and provides a strong, robust and integrated marketing campaign. The Brand Sigma has very well delivered on its OOH mandate in time bound manner.”

Sanjay Rao, South Head – BD & CS, The Brand Sigma, said: “It’s always our goal at The Brand Sigma to build long-term relationships with brands who are just as passionate as we are. We are so glad that Duroflex is one such brand and we are honoured to be part of their pan India campaign spread across East, West, North and South zones. Providing our clients with the best-in-class and most effective Out of Home solutions is what we’re all about. We look forward to continued association.”

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OMD India and Osmo create 3D OOH campaign for Renault Kiger

The installations have been set up in bustling locales around India

By exchange4media Staff | Oct 25, 2022 6:00 PM   |   2 min read


OMD India and Renault India have teamed up with Osmo to bring a stunning and immersive nationwide 3D anamorphic OOH campaign to life, showcasing the Renault Kiger in all its glory. This brand-first initiative for Renault is an ambitious outdoor campaign; set to dazzle Indian consumers during the festive season.

The campaign immerses viewers in the world of the Kiger, shining a light on the SUV’s elegant design, ergonomic interiors and advanced technology, the 3D OOH installations have been set up in bustling locales around India with the hopes of leaving an imprint on the minds of consumers and auto enthusiasts.

OMD India conceptualized the campaign from start to finish to build excitement on an instinctive level and appeal to the modern sensibilities of consumers. Making audience engagement a critical part of the experience, it not only focuses on drawing people in with eye-catching visuals but also encourages them to interact with the 3D installation to book a test drive.

Anisha Iyer, CEO of OMD India, shared her thoughts on the campaign, saying, “At OMD, innovation drives every aspect of our work and a campaign like this allows us to make creative leaps and come up with fresh ways to increase engagement for a brand. We’re in the business of creating experiences that aim for one crucial thing - capturing attention. And with this outdoor campaign, we precisely wanted that for the Renault Kiger – for people to sit up and take notice of the stunning SUV. We look forward to crafting more such immersive experiences for Renault India in the future.”

Sudhir Malhotra, VP of Sales and Marketing at Renault India, added, “Our idea behind the Kiger campaign was to create a campaign unlike anything we have ever done before. Thanks to OMD India and Osmo, this shaped up to be a fantastic brand-first initiative for us. 3D OOH gave us an exciting new realm to explore and it seemed very fitting for a visual narrative centred on an SUV that boasts of both a futuristic design and technology. Our aim was to engage with the audience in a way that feels fresh and authentic and allows the Renault Kiger to shine.”

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