News Next 2020: Marketers should present messaging in a credible form on news: Experts

Panellists Lloyd Mathias, Amit Tiwari, Satyajit Sen, & Ashish Sehgal deliberated on how marketers can leverage news media without denting the integrity of news at the e4m News Next 2020 Conference

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Updated: Feb 24, 2020 9:09 AM  | 4 min read
News Next 2020

The 9th edition of the e4m News Next Conference was held on Saturday, February 22 in Delhi. The theme for the conference this year was Future of News Television in the digital era. The event saw many thought-provoking sessions on the news media ecosystem, how it will evolve in the coming years and how advertisers can leverage from the same.

The first panel discussion touched upon on the topic How marketers can use news media better. Lloyd Mathias, former APAC head – HP was the session chair for this panel discussion. The other eminent panellists were Amit Tiwari, vice president marketing, Havells; Satyajit Sen, Sr. director – marketing; Samsung India; and Ashish Sehgal, chief growth officer, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

The panel shed light on the news media from an advertiser’s perspective, especially on how advertising subsides the cost of news. The speakers also deliberated on how the ad business can grow without hindering the integrity of the news.

The opportunities for brands in the news media at the moment are buying commercial time (Ad Spots), product placement, branded properties and lastly, partnerships and alliances.

Tiwari kicking off the discussion saying how the brand has used the news media effectively: “News is one of the biggest and most prominent mediums in the section of the mediums we actually use. Ninety per cent of my audience is male and news becomes extremely important in any language. From a brand perspective, any brand wants to be on a platform, which is CTR (Credible, Trust and Reliable). From a news perspective, it has to be reliable; and from a brand perspective, you have to get a response from the advertising you are actually trying to do. Today we are present in more than 250 cities across India and news helps us reach people in regional languages.”

Sehgal shared how a brand can be credible by advertising on a news medium: “For any marketer, the consumer is the brand. If we are able to understand the consumer mindset we will be able to use all the mediums available to us relevantly. The consumer is looking for credibility while watching the news, understanding his social responsibilities and various forms of world news. Hence, any marketer should present its message in a very credible form. Consumers are also opinion makers and they actually impress upon the others also to imitate the same thing.”

Satyajit, speaking on how NDTV had partnered with brand Samsung, shared: “Replacing television camera and crew into mobile is a fundamental business operation. NDTV took that decision. There were operational and technological challenges. It was a perfect opportunity for the channel. It was our hardware speaking to the business requirement of NDTV. This was not really advertising the way we generally see advertising. This was a deep product integration.”

Tiwari chimed in with what the news media should do to attract advertisers and the factors advertisers should keep in mind to ensure the credibility of news: “We have large spenders in news channels in India. Any news channel only sells us the concept of Primetime. They also start selling the biggest property whether it is elections, budget or any special show. They need to get out of that because it is a been-there-done-that situation in the ecosystem. The bigger challenge is that nobody really knows the requirement of the brand today. Any news channel needs to do basic homework of what the brand is trying to offer apart from the regular FCT and some sponsorship that they are actually trying to provide. There is a bigger scope for every category to look for. If we do five integrations in a year, they will work for us. Lastly, getting out of the habit of breaking news, the format needs to be cleared. The format is actually making the advertisers move out.”

Sehgal said: “We see ourselves as news content creators and we are now delivering news on every possible platform the consumer is wanting to watch. The way we are looking at content is first on TV and then the same on various other mediums. Social media is another very relevant news-consuming platform. We as content creators along with brands can utilize that in a very smart way. If the content from a credible news producer is partnered with a deep brand integration and passed on to all platforms, it will bring in brand safety for the advertiser. Advertisers should also look for purpose marketing, social marketing, and corporate marketing”, said Sehgal.

Sen concluded the discussion with some important insights: “The power of the media is also in the power of localisations. There is an opportunity to create micro-news and brand placements which is a leverage point. The opportunity is still unexplored.”





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