BARC’s Vision 2019: Bringing together human capital & tech innovations to stay ahead

A communication sent to employees on new year mentions that four culture pillars of BARC India-- Belong, Agile, Robust and Curious-- were driving the team to build a future-ready organisation

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Updated: Jan 7, 2019 8:56 AM

BARC India has started Year 2019 by reflecting on the achievements of the year gone by and outlining the roadmap for 2019.

According to highly placed sources in the organisation, a communication has been sent to all employees from CEO Partho Dasgupta on the occasion of new year.  
“Having established itself as a robust data and insights company by maintaining customer centricity, BARC India now has to build on that foundation and stay ahead of the curve with the help of its human capital and tech innovations,” the communication mentions.

In the communication, Dasgupta has pointed out how the four culture pillars of BARC India-- Belong, Agile, Robust and Curious-- were driving the team to build a future-ready organisation that was ever innovating to meet the needs of the industry.

The comunication mentioned, “2018 was a year of breaking boundaries, raising the bar and achieving unprecedented global standards in media measurement. This was possible primarily because of two reasons. Firstly, because we all are unparalleled in what we bring to BARC as a team. Secondly, everything we did in 2018 was built around core values that were based on our culture pillars.”

It further added, “While we are proud of our achievements, we also believe in being self-critical. I have spoken in multiple forums about this and will re-emphasize on it again. Our culture pillars are the foundation of our success and are the guiding force in how we ought to operate in the future and overcome the challenges we face.”

Here are some “Hits” for 2018 that the communication highlighted:

Barometer: When BARC started, the easy option was to import all meters. The cost then was Rs 1.5 lakh. At this cost we could have never scaled in future. Moreover, we needed a meter which would understand India’s pain points – an imported meter could have never filled this gap. So, we developed a completely made-in-India product at 1/6th of the global cost. We then evolved and added a new version with battery backup and data backup to address power issues and sudden calamities, dual SIM to address network issues, misuse detection & location tracking to address the problem of panel infiltration. This innovation on the cost, helped us scale, further reinvest in technology and bring down the cost even further. The meter cost is now 1/12th the global cost. The sophistication of our meter and the price point has no parallel in the global industry.

PMS: BARC has a field force of 500 people managing 40k sample size. Every field personnel carries a tablet, and the system tells which homes to visit, what is the route to take and so on. The tool optimises the time by intelligently scheduling the tasks. It is integrated with our internal systems like inventory management etc., which enables real-time monitoring. The result was that we could bring unprecedented efficiencies which the erstwhile system could not. We manage five times the sample size, eight times the coverage, with just half the field force.


Bio News: There is too much data around but no insight. Hence, we created a tool which could provide ‘insights’ on a click. Traditionally, the data analyst would work on Microsoft Excel, look at internal video logs and compare with viewership data, which requires lot of manual work and is prone to human error. Bio News provides user-friendly UI, which is accessible from laptop or mobile. The data is presented in smartly visualized dashboards, which gives editorial insights at just a click. We need to build more of these.

33K-44K expansion: Expansion of 11k homes, without bringing any impact on Panel KPIs and viewership was something that MDL team managed in a record time. The existing field force managed this expansion, alongside maintenance work of the currency panel of 33k, as well as other special/custom projects.

OOH: Extending the paradigm of viewing to outside the home. Turned around the project in record time to catch the IPL.

NOC: What happens at every corner of the country where our meters are located, where every member of our field force is, who is watching which channel, with which members of the household – all this granular information can be viewed in smartly visualized screens from our head office in Mumbai on real-time basis. Our Network Operating Centre (NOC) provides a demonstrable and immersive experience of BARC’s end-to-end process. It is real-time monitoring personified!

Project for a large advertiser: The objective of this project was to conduct segmentation study on BARC TV panel based on custom rules, integrate the segments in BARC TV panel output software BMW, extract a deeper understanding of TV viewing patterns of members within segments and customer defined segment for targeted media planning. This has the potential to be extended to other advertisers as well. This was a truly a remarkable achievement.

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