Magazines are more focused with less disruption: Rajiv Dubey, GM, Dabur India

If content is king then magazines are fine dining, high-quality content is always in demand, no matter what happens said Dubey at the 11th Indian Magazine Congress

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Updated: Jan 18, 2018 8:57 AM

At the 11th Indian Magazine Congress in New Delhi, Rajiv Dubey, General Manager, Dabur India delivered a keynote address on, how magazines can be a great product in the digital media, in a space where everyone is busy breaking news stories. Dubey emphasized on the exponential growth of social media which is there for all of us to see and how today’s youth is more engaged on digital media and WhatsApp is one of the examples. 
He said that the face of the media industry has completely changed where today, everyone, is in a race to break the news.Focusing on the importance of content he asserted, “In the print world, the struggle is not for the content, the struggle is for the medium in which it is presented on. The content is very powerful, but the medium in which it is presented and sold is changing and one has to be very careful about it."
“Content give us thought, it enhances the knowledge, it takes time to read but it makes our understanding deeper and the brands which works beautifully in this kind of environment are the brands which stays longer," he continued. He also opened up on how there has been always a question on does the millennial prefer reading the newspaper and especially magazine? "The positive thing which has come out is, millennial do read magazines. It offers more focused content and less disruption and derives sincere involvement through which readers get impacted," he contended.
“The kind of dilemma we feel for one of our brand Dabur Chyawanprash is similar to what print industry might be facing and I believe the problem is relevance. The generation before me knew chyawanprash is a good product for health, but when we ask kids of today’s to eat, they don’t easily accept," said Dubey.

Elaborating on the importance of good content, he said, "If content is king then magazines are fine dining, high-quality content is always in demand, no matter what happens. If one can create a good- quality content in a long-way then, only one thing is left, how you monetize it?" 
Dubey explained that the most far-reaching point for any product is to build relevance. "You have to engage with audience in whichever way to build communities for magazines," he said. Citing an example he said that magazines are not available on Amazon and as creators we should look at this factor where online facilities are also available to stay relevant in the long term. "If we don’t get new consumer then, how the future of the magazine will grow? We have to update and innovate ourselves to be relevant in the real time," he pointed out.

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