IRS 2010 Q4: NBT leads in Delhi; growth round for Punjab Kesari

Navbharat Times continues its lead in Delhi and NCR markets. In the top order, Hindustan and Punjab Kesari have seen growth in this round.

IRS 2010 Q4:  NBT leads in Delhi; growth round for Punjab Kesari

Navbharat Times has continued its lead in Delhi and NCR, but Q4 sees an interesting fight for the number three position in Delhi. Four of the top 10 have registered decline in Delhi, and in Delhi Urban (NCR), five dailies of the top 10 have lost readers.

Dainik Jagran & Amar Ujala figures decline in Delhi…
In an interesting development, with AIR (Average Issue Readership) at 7.37 Lac, Punjab Kesari has replaced Dainik Jagran in the third position in Delhi. Dainik Jagran registered an AIR of 6.92 Lac, a decline of 1.7 per cent in readership as against the previous quarter.

Sitting at the top, Navbharat Times, with a growth of 4.23 per cent, has clocked an AIR of 18.71 Lac. The growth story for NBT in Delhi has continued since the IRS R1 2009 results. Hindustan with steady growth in the last few quarters has been able to register an AIR of 11.69 Lac, a growth of 0.52 per cent as compared to Q3.

While, Nai Dunia (Q4 AIR of 99,000 in Delhi) has been able to garner growth of 25.32 per cent over Q3, Amar Ujala and Rashtriya Sahara have seen a decline in readership. Dainik Bhaskar, with an AIR figure of 39,000 has seen a growth of 14.71 per cent in readership in the Delhi market. Aaj Samaj, with a negative growth of 18.52 per cent, has registered an AIR count of 22,000 as per IRS 2010 Q4.

No surprises in Delhi Urban market…
No big changes were seen in the Delhi Urban market in the ranking of dailies. As per IRS 2010 Q4, Navbharat Times is the leader in the market with an AIR of 19.71 Lac, a growth of 3.79 per cent, against Q3. Hindustan, with an AIR figure of 13.4 Lac has seen a growth of 1.44 per cent.

Dainik Jagran, despite a decline of 1.1 per cent in AIR as against Q3, has maintained its number three position in Delhi Urban market. Jagran has an AIR figure of 10.82 Lac.

Punjab Kesari has grown in the NCR region as well. With a growth of 5.19 per cent, Punjab Kesari has registered an AIR of 8.31 Lac.

Decline in readership has continued for Amar Ujala in the Delhi Urban market too. Amar Ujala has dropped from an AIR of 2.5 Lac of Q3 to an AIR of 2.47 Lac in Q4.

Dainik Bhaskar has de-grown by 5.34 per cent. From an AIR figure of 1.31 in Delhi Urban, Bhaskar’s Q4 readership numbers are at 1.24 Lac.

Nai Dunia has grown from 79,000 to 99,000 AIR in Q4.

Rashtriya Sahara has registered an AIR of 74,000 in Delhi Urban, a decline of 9.76 per cent.

Hari Bhoomi, with a growth of 2.38 per cent has clocked an AIR figure of 43,000 in Q4.

Aaj Samaj has witnessed a de-growth of 26.83 per cent and recorded an AIR of 30,000 as per IRS 2010 Q4.


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