Reporter’s Diary: My new found identity

Reporter Saloni Surti shares the myriad thoughts that are crossing her mind in her journey to being a journalist, and the enthusiasm is infectious

e4m by Saloni Surti
Updated: Sep 1, 2012 8:11 PM
Reporter’s Diary: My new found identity

I was 13, it was my first day at school after the Diwali vacations and my teacher was asking everyone what they aspired to be. I had a definite answer, which I said very confidently – I want to be a journalist. Of course, back then it was the ‘Page 3’ effect – I was extremely inspired by Konkana Sen Sharma. But who thought then that I will have a ‘Press’ card around my neck someday (which I still have not got by the way).

A lot has changed over the years, including my dream, but writing always remained at my heart. And my passion for writing somehow landed me here at exchange4media. Being here is not what I had thought it would be, it is a lot more than that. I am amidst all the action, finding out, analysing, and observing, doing things I never thought I would.

Listening to radio has been a part of my schedule for years, station to station, song to song. And now radio is my beat, but unlike the older days, I now go from RJ to Rj and ads to ads. Getting into the industry has been an eye opener. It opened my mind to the dynamic side of radio, or should I call it the ‘business of radio’.

Radio is like any other industry where transactions take place, just that the way of trading here is a bit different. They trade entertainment, emotions, drama, dreams and most of all, a spirit that probably attracts people the most. Working closely with the industry has made me a part of this spirit. And it is this industry that has given me a new identity. It is feels so good to have an individuality, to Google yourself and find actual results, to have people call you and introduce themselves to you, to keep a schedule which actually matters and to meet people you always dreamt of.

The glamourous side of media is an illusion, it is not all that jazz and glitter, instead it involves a lot of efforts, thought and soul and it’s this very quality that makes me want to work harder everyday. Right now I am in the process of learning, acquiring skills and gaining knowledge. I am in the process of being a ‘Journalist’.


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