Why this festive IPL should be in every emerging brand's TV media plans

With this phase 2 IPL having just 31 matches, the outlay required by brands to amass large scale reach and attention is much lower

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Updated: Aug 16, 2021 10:42 AM

As the second phase of VIVO IPL 2021 is around the corner, brands will be looking forward to being a part of the festive fervor and positive consumer sentiment with an aim to create a massive impact in a short duration. The first phase of VIVO IPL 2021 achieved a staggering reach of 367 Million in just 29 matches , more than any other editions of IPL for those many matches played, as highlighted by BARC data. In fact, contrary to the popular belief that cricket is only men’s turf, the high-impact tournament managed to rake in 188% higher female viewership compared to the top GEC show at the time, data indicated. As per TVISION, IPL 2021 captured 61% higher attention of viewers in comparison to any other content genre during the time.

The platform is able to support brands with high attention due to the nature of ad breaks which are generally short (majority of them less than 60 secs), which ensures that viewers are in the room and view the ads attentively during these commercial breaks. In IPL, because of shorter ad pods, there is hardly a drop in viewer attention from the first ad position to the mid ad position whereas in other genres due to a much higher duration of ad breaks, viewers lose attention as subsequent ads appear. According to Tvision’s report on Attention in India, a viewer’s attention in Live Cricket drops only 8% when one moves from the first ad position to mid ad position while dramas/soaps see 25% drop in attention from first ad position to mid ad position.

IPL offers brands pole position not just in attention but also in emotional engagement with viewers.  As per a recent study by Neurons Inc. India (Neuro Research Agency), sports content gets the strongest emotional engagement from audience across genres. Viewers required 9.83% less mental effort during sports content when compared to entertainment, as per Shikher Chaudhary, Cognitive Neuroscientist, Director of Neurons Inc. India. The heightened sense of anticipation generated by sports creates this level of quality engagement which has a halo effect on brands aired in that media context as well.

Which is why established categories like auto, consumer durables, FMCG have been leveraging the platform to drive dominant share of voice and create inflexions in their business by timing new launches in their portfolio with IPL.

IPG Mediabrands India CEO Shashi Sinha says, “There are many reasons why IPL is a great advertising platform. Especially right now, when it comes with the festive season and after a pandemic-induced lull of a few months, it can give a great headstart to the brands. This is because it offers a quicker reach buildup than any other programming on television and digital. Therefore, it can be a great space for new launches too.”

How have emerging brands and new categories leveraged IPL

Lately the tournament has witnessed an increased participation from new and emerging brands and categories that have leveraged this massive scale and high attention to ads to develop strong mental availability and positions for their communications in the minds of their consumers. Across ed-tech, digital payments, fantasy gaming, food delivery categories and more recently fintech emerging brands enjoyed high traction on their brand and business metrics when they advertised on the IPL platform.

While some of these businesses were new entrants and benefited from the amplified reach, other brands that were relatively older and had advertised on other platforms saw an exponential rise upon associating with IPL in not only their top of the funnel metrics, but also performance related metrics. Emerging brands CRED, Groww and Netmeds are testament to this as they achieved massive reach while also having a significant rise in daily downloads of their apps.

The platform has been able to deliver staggering top-and bottom-funnel results for the advertisers, as indicated by data above. One of the top fintech advisors and e-pharmacies, both, witnessed a spike in their daily downloads during IPL.

Despite there being quite a few advertisers in the ed-tech sector on IPL including sector leader Byju’s, new entrant UpGrad gained considerable traction during its association in the last season. upGrad India CEO Arjun Mohan had earlier told exchange4media.com, “Our research shows that post the IPL TV campaign, viewers started associating upGrad with specialization. While an increase in metrics such as awareness and recall were expected, this development was nothing short of ‘dramatic’. But we will have to persist to be sure this stays on.”

Growth stories like these, of brands both established as well as emerging, bolster the belief that IPL is a tremendous vehicle to drive success across top and bottom of the funnel metrics. VIVO IPL 2021 this festive could be a great carrier to drive the popularity and reach of small and medium-sized businesses, as the tournament is capable of attracting quality eyeballs, across geographies and gender profiles. Additionally, the nature of the event allows brands to experiment with their content and presence during the matches, which makes it a creatively endearing and result-oriented proposition at the same time. This is something a brand would definitely not like to miss!


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