Alia Bhatt makes a case for the right balance in new ad for Philips hair straightener

The campaign breaks with a long-format digital film and extends to TV, outdoor, print as well as social media engagement

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Published: Aug 23, 2021 3:15 PM  | 3 min read
Philips India campaign

In life, we go through various obstacles and pressures which can motivate us to strive forward if we are able to find the perfect balance. Understanding how ‘the right kind of pressure’ plays such an important role in someone’s life, Philips India today has launched their campaign ‘The Right Heat’ with Alia Bhatt introducing their innovative solution - Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener. Drawing a parallel between life and hair care, Philips tries to exemplify that the correct amount of heat is required to shine in life and can be the real motivational force behind your success each day.

The campaign video created by Philips takes you on a journey through the eyes of Alia Bhatt and her dance coach, and how Philips as well as the coach helps her shine bright in her performance. In an attempt to deliver an exceptional dance performance, Alia Bhatt, like any other individual, struggles and strives while dealing with the heat of pressure. It highlights how sometimes for a performance, you feel the heat, and other days when it is less, you lack motivation, but you still strive through various difficulties. Therefore, it is only when you strike the right balance amidst all the chaos and pressure, will you be able to shine through and witness success. The film parallelly puts into focus Philips’ innovative product offering which demonstrates how the right balance of heat is needed for remarkable results. Only when the hair gets ‘just the right heat’ it shines with perfection, not too little that straight results are not there and not too much that it damages hair. The campaign idea uses this life analogy to narrate to the viewer about the new Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener, a product that provides the right heat to give healthy, shiny-straight hair without worry of damage.

Commenting on the campaign Vidyut Kaul, Head, Personal Health, Philips Indian subcontinent said, “Through this campaign, we want to create a meaningful analogy between life and our product, the Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener. All of us go through ups and downs with respect to the pressure in life – but all heat and pressure are not bad. Exactly like the Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener with even heat distribution, which gives you just the right heat, for beautiful, straight hair with minimal damage.”

“In today's fast paced world, each one of us tries to strike a balance of heat or pressure that works for us to get the right results. Philips ThermoProtect Hair Straightener provides this balance perfectly as it offers just the right heat to get the perfect straight hair look, not too little that it requires too much time to straighten or too much that it damages the hair with excessive heat. It is easy-to-use, and you get  healthy shiny straight hair without worry of damage!”- Alia Bhatt, Actor and Philips Brand Ambassador

The campaign breaks with a long-format digital film and extends to TV, outdoor, print as well as social media engagement.

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