Don the role of a mom to show you care, says iD Fresh

iD’s new campaign encourages everyone to adopt the unconditional love of a mother for those in need during these difficult times

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Updated: Apr 18, 2020 4:00 PM
iD Fresh

If there is one thing that humanity needs in this hour of extreme crisis and uncertainty - when people are being forced to cut off human contact - is the compassion and spirit of motherly love. It has the invincible power to help us win the battle against COVID-19.

Over the last three years, iD Fresh Food’s Mother’s Day campaigns have conveyed the emotions of a mother’s love in the most heartfelt and evocative manner. The underlining message being - when a mother asks her child, ‘Khaana Khaaya?’ it is more than a simple query- it means ‘I love you’. The campaigns were a huge success and touched the lives of millions of people across India.

This year, iD Fresh has launched the same campaign but with a twist. It asks each one of us to don the role of a mother and ask ‘Khaana Khaaya?’ to those people in our lives who need to hear it, to the under-privileged and needy, to the vulnerable and disadvantaged and to those who have touched and impacted our lives in various ways.

iD’s new campaign encourages everyone to adopt the unconditional love of a mother, and show their love and care for people around.

Given the current crisis and uncertainty facing the world today, a simple gesture like picking up the phone and asking ‘Khaana Khaaya?’ can make all the difference!

Commenting on the campaign, PC Musthafa - CEO and Co-founder, iD Fresh Food said, “We didn’t want to wait till Mother’s Day in May to release this film. The world needs the message of compassion, love and care of a mother now. This is not just a campaign but a deeper emotion. Just like when a mother asks, ‘Khaana Khayaa?’ she means, ‘I Love You’, when you ask someone, ‘Khaana Khayaa?’ it means you remember and care for them. Whether it’s your cook, driver, senior citizen, a friend living alone or anyone who is economically dependent on us, please ask ‘Khaana Khayaa?’, and see the kind of impact a simple question can have on them.”

“I know it’s not easy being quarantined or socially distant from your loved ones, but we can survive as long as we support each other. We as humans have to join hands and rise to the occasion. I urge you all to don the role of a mother and bring about a smile in people’s lives. Make that phone call to your school teacher, get medicines for your elderly neighbours, speak to those in need and simply ask ‘Khaana Khaaya?’. Let them know you’re thinking of them, let them know you care,” added Musthafa

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