Brand excitement remains muted at the onset of the New Year

The excitement to welcome the New Year was limited to a few brands such as Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Fevicol and Volvo Auto India

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Updated: Jan 7, 2014 8:44 AM
Brand excitement remains muted at the onset of the New Year

Sky is the new limit for brands as they started this year with an outburst of positivity signaling good days ahead. Brands faced a severe crisis last year due to depreciating Rupee, soaring inflation and high current account deficit. However, they are hopeful that prosperity and economic growth will follow the slowdown. Some marketers have started adopting innovative techniques to sustain growth. But the excitement to welcome the New Year was limited to a few brands like Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Fevicol and Volvo Auto India.

Several other giants refrained from spending aggressively on marketing activities to welcome the New Year when it was a perfect opportunity to gain consumer’s attention and shed-off the slowdown tag. There were few print ads seen in leading newspapers except for Coke. Very few brands like WeChat ran a campaign on TV which failed to attract much attention.

Luxury car maker Volvo Auto India carried out a unique ‘don’t drink and drive’ campaign with Pickle Lintas. Volvo collaborated with many pubs and bars across the city like Manahttan Craft Brewery, Turquoise Cottage among others and carried out an event called “Melting Moments”.

Volvo made car shaped ice lollies that they had these bars and pubs serve their guests during the course of the activity. Every time a guest ordered a drink, he/she would be served with these special car shaped ice lollies which once dipped into a drink would naturally melt and therefore disfigure the car. Once the car shaped ice lolly would melt a message would then appear on the stirrer that read ‘Don’t mix your drink with your drive’.

Sudeep Narayan, Marketing & PR Director, Volvo Auto India said, “We really appreciate Pickle Lintas efforts to conceive and execute this idea as it really brings alive the consequences of mixing drinking and driving by simply using the melting property of ice. The concept is also in line with our all-time ‘safety’ proposition.” It was a responsible act by the luxury car maker to get party goers intrigued by this innovative idea coupled with a social message.”

Believing in a happier tomorrow, Coca-Cola rolled out its print campaigns in front or full pages across leading newspapers. The print ad carries the lyrics of a jingle written by Prasoon Joshi for the commercial launched in 2012. Experts suggest that Coke might have spent Rs 13-14 crore on the print ads. The year 2013 has not been great for the beverage giant so this sudden burst in advertising clearly gives an indication about the brand’s urge to stay ahead of competition.  The campaign was also rolled out on TV and radio celebrating optimism and kindness. In a world paralysed with negativity and despair, Coke’s New Year resolution last year was to go crazy and celebrate the unsung stories of kindness and joy. The brand has always started the year with happiness and urged people to look at the brighter side of life.

It is believed that the cola war begins during the onset of summers with brands bombarding consumers with fresh campaigns but it is the Coke’s strategy to garner maximum eyeballs by launching campaigns during winters. However, the brand should have launched a new commercial for Coke because it is that time of the year when people expect a delightful ad from Coke.

The digital space was once again invaded by Vodafone’s tiny egg shell-like creatures with giant heads, called ZooZoos. The army of the tiny ZooZoos wished their fans in their unique and entertaining style. They predicted that 2014 will be the year made for progress, adventure, laughter, parties, celebrations, good luck and peace! It is an engaging video and will be an interesting watch for the ZooZoo fans.

Watch the video here…

It is important for brands to establish and maintain a relationship with the consumer that comes when a brand becomes a part of their life. Interacting with them on important occasions can help drive engagement and establish the much-needed connect. Hence, it was an opportunity missed by many brands who couldn’t utilise the onset of the New Year.

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