Advertise in moments that matter: Adam Anger

Speaking at the MMA India Forum 2014, Adam Anger, General Manager, Asia Pacific of Microsoft Advertising, explored how brands can leverage data and insights to create immersive experiences that reach consumers in the moments that matter most to them

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Updated: Sep 15, 2014 8:13 AM
Advertise in moments that matter: Adam Anger

Adam Anger, General Manager, Asia Pacific of Microsoft Advertising, believes brands can leverage data and insights to create immersive experiences that reach consumers in the moments that matter most to them, in different mindsets throughout the day.

In the past, our activities were dependent on specific times, places and devices. Today we are mobile, on the move, multi-tasking and using multiple screens across work, life and play, said Anger, while addressing members of the mobile industry at an event in the city. “With mobile first being the priority, we have to take the responsibility for what mobile looks like and how it affects all the moments in a consumer’s life. We believe that by empowering consumers in the right way we will provide very special moments for brands to engage,” said Anger.

Anger called the world we live in, a device-dependent one. “Living in this world of multiple devices has a lot of implications on how we access information and get things done. Sixty-per cent of users are now accessing the internet first on mobile. This is changing the way we get things done,” he said.

With people who are accessing internet through mobile devices spending nearly five hours a day consuming different media, the way audiences behave and their expectations are changing, said Anger.

He gave the example of Microsoft, a company that is undergoing changes. “We come from a legacy of being very successful in the PC era. But we are living in a different world and we need to think about how we can adapt to this new world,” he said.

Another important point, according to him, was to remember that though these digital trends are very important for media owners, they are also useful for brands as well. Anger gave the example of how Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) is now emerging as a key trend across enterprises, where companies are fine with employees accessing official emails and documents via their own devices.  “More and more people are working and getting work done through mobile device and applications,” said Anger. “Earlier this was through PC-based web browsers. We have a very strong belief that these two worlds need to come together. The consumer will be empowered when a PC, phone, TV screen, gaming console... all come together. This is also what consumers want,” he opined.

Anger also spoke about the importance of the various data available through devices, whether it is location or time. According to him, though these are valuable to brands, it is also necessary that media owners figure out how to bring brands into some of these moments in a way that is useful, valuable and delightful. “There is a great opportunity to do this, and once done, the mobile has great potential,” he added.

Another key trend, said Anger, was to respect user privacy. He advised brands and media owners to set expectations on how data is used. Quoting a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, Anger said, “What we heard from consumers was that they will respect brands and media owners if they are transparent about what they are taking from them and how they are going to use it. The message is take responsibility and be super transparent to build trust. If we do this then there is great opportunity to bring more value.”

Anger was a guest speaker at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) India Forum session held in Mumbai on Thursday.

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