Jar IPL ad leaves netizens in awe, experts wonder why

Experts opine that the fintech app's TVC may be able to garner eyeballs but might fall short of delivering the brand’s message clearly

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Published: Mar 30, 2022 8:33 AM  | 4 min read
Jar IPL ad

The Indian Premier League (IPL) churns out a bouquet of appealing ad campaigns by brands sponsoring the event. The campaigns strike a chord with cricket enthusiasts and other consumers and initiate multi-fold conversations in society as well as on social media, serving the brand purpose to the fullest.

Fintech app Jar’s latest ad film released around IPL is getting rave reviews from social media users and ad experts. The ad film, which is a spoof of the 2007 film ‘Welcome’, has garnered more than 6.5 lakh views on YouTube alone within three days of its launch. Jar is the official partner of Royal Challengers Bengaluru.

The ad, conceptualized by Mumbai-based Spring Marketing Capital, shows Patekar in an avatar he played in the Bollywood film ‘Welcome’.

In the ad film, a girl is shown buying a phone when Nana Patekar steps in along with his gang and halts the purchase. Patekar urges her to save money and stop spending her salary on buying a phone set. He advises her to invest her money into gold via the Jar app.

Patekar’s goon-played by Mushtaq Khan-affirms his boss’ sound advice. Frightened with his goon avatar, the woman agrees to do so.

Here's the ad film:

While netizens seem to have approved of the ad, experts from the ad world disagree. They admit that the ad may be able to garner eyeballs but might fall short of delivering the brand’s message clearly to the audience.

Sandeep Goyal, MD of Rediffusion, called the Jar ad ‘terrible’. “Number of views on YouTube doesn’t mean that the ad is good. Views can be bought these days,” Goyal said.

Harish Bijoor, Brand Guru and Founder of Harish Bijoor Consults Inc., says, “I do believe this ad does not work. The creative works on the count of creating attention to the brand and building awareness to brand Jar. But that's it. It fails in deepening interest in the offer.  And certainly fails on the count of building desire to partake.”

“If the purpose was to grab attention and introduce a brand name, it works”, Bijoor added.

Lloyd Mathias, Business Strategist and Marketing expert calls the ad “bizarre” but lauds it for being able to drive home the point due to the same reason. The ad uses the cinematic persona of Nana Patekar in a cool, over-the-top manner to drive home the advantage of saving to a younger audience, Lloyd opines.

“If the job of good advertising is to get the consumer’s attention and convey the proposition – this ad works well on both counts.  It uses a well-known Bollywood personality in a cinematic way, has great production values and drives home the importance of savings,” Lloyd says.

He further adds, “It will certainly grab eyeballs for being so bizarre and also leaves the consumer smiling - which is never a bad thing.”

Soon after the ad was put up on social media, netizens expressed surprise to see Patekar featuring in a TVC after a long time. Many users found the ad funny, impactful and ‘Kadak’.

Some wondered why the ad-makers chose a Gangster, played by the actor, to promote savings, while some even remarked on Patekar’s alleged involvement in a sexual harassment case that became part of the popular #Metoo campaign a couple of years ago.

Ad leaves netizens amazed; Check tweets:

Founded by Nischay AG and Misbah Ashraf, Jar operates an app that allows users to invest in gold and get started within seconds.

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