IPL allows high impact reach and captive viewing: Ronita Mitra

Vodafone has launched two new ads for IPL 8 'Baby' and 'Library' to take forward the idea 'Speed is Good' which was established during the World Cup. Ronita Mitra, Senior VP - Brand Communications and Insights, Vodafone India talks about the 7-week long campaign

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Updated: Apr 8, 2015 8:26 AM
IPL allows high impact reach and captive viewing: Ronita Mitra

IPL throws open huge marketing opportunity for the brands which get associated with the game. With the tournament starting today, Vodafone, one of the presenting sponsors has announced its elaborate marketing and advertising plans during the 7 weeks.

The new campaign will take forward the idea that ‘Speed is good’ which was established during the World Cup (WC) campaign with their ‘Farewell’ and ‘Haircut’ TVCs. The T20 Vodafone campaign comprises of a series of TVCs conveying the message of how Vodafone 3G connections can bring a smile on someone’s face. The brand has kick-started the initiative by releasing two new spots called ‘Baby’ and ‘Library’. The ‘Baby’ TVC is about how a crying baby is pacified by a teenage boy with the help of faster video downloads on Vodafone. And the ‘Library’ spot tells the story of how a group of friends break into a silent celebration in a library when the news of someone's birthday spreads quickly on Vodafone 3G. The campaign aims to substantiate the findings of the Ookla Speed test  which states that Vodafone offers 22% faster download and 43% faster upload experience with its 3G data network. Vodafone has booked around 350 to 400 slots during the IPL-8 season.

Commenting on how different will be the positioning of IPL campaign from World Cup campaign, Ronita Mitra, Senior Vice President – Brand Communications and Insights, Vodafone India stated, “The two campaigns ‘Retirement’ and ‘Haircut’ which we launched during the World Cup set the context of the idea that ‘Speed is Good’. Now for the IPL campaign, we will build on the campaign with multiple TV creatives, roughly around 7 to 9 for the IPL. Each of the stories will revolve around the theme of either ‘Upload’ or ‘Download’. The positioning of the IPL campaign will be different from that of the World Cup, even though there will be a large overlap between both set of audiences. The advantage this year is that, fortunately with India performing well at the World Cup, the sentiments and interest levels are positive.”

Excerpts from an interview with Ronita:

What is the reason behind Vodafone’s association with IPL every year?

We have been associated with IPL, right from its first season. The reason behind this long-standing association is because we have found that the format of the game IPL is such that it allows us high reach and immense opportunity to reach out to a large mass of our target audience during the seven-week period. It also allows, captive viewing by our TG in a high frequency manner. Thus, it gives Vodafone a chance to take up a marketing objective which is important for the brand, helps in connecting with the right set of audiences, strengthen the leadership of our position and also drive affinity with our consumers.

What is the USP of this year’s IPL campaign?

The USP of this year’s IPL campaign is the emotional payoff of ‘Speed is Good’, wrapped in sweet and short stories. Also this time, we needed a creative idea which would connect with human stories, so the videos are the reflection of all the emotions which one shows. Apart, from TV, digital will be a key media vehicle to take the message of ‘Speed is Good’ to consumers in a meaningful manner, be it through impact properties or contextual messaging to be ‘relevant’ and ‘relatable’ to the different set of audiences.

Throw some light on the marketing spends of this year’s campaign?

The campaign will have a full 360 degree marketing course, with TVC, radio, outdoor and digital.  The marketing spends this year have grown marginally compared to the previous year. We always look towards efficiency; however, this year there has been an increased investment on the digital platform, with shift in the budget allocation mainly from Radio, print and outdoor areas.

Do we get to see the Zoozoos back?

Zoozoos are an important part of our brand and they will come back for sure. In fact, the face of our Facebook page is also that of the Zoozoos and they are used to engage with close to 20 million fans on an everyday basis. The campaign objective this time required human stories and human moments and therefore, it required a human approach.

In the highly volatile telecom market, what are creative challenges for operators in this space?

As the category, keeps on moving and evolving, the benefits which you communicate to the consumers also needs to evolve. Therefore, with the change in consumer behaviour, the marketing objective of a campaign and the proposition are all connected to where the consumer is today. So it’s a constant process of evolution.

Watch the Baby ad here


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