Madison World steps into CSR role with Tanya Computer Centre

Tanya Computer Centre was established in 2006 as a Computer Training Centre dedicated exclusively to training visually impaired people of all ages in the use of computers

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Updated: Aug 6, 2018 4:55 PM

Madison World has begun its CSR journey by starting an NGO named Madison Resource Foundation, that has adopted Tanya Computer Centre.

Tanya Computer Centre was established in 2006 as a computer training centre dedicated exclusively to training visually impaired people of all ages in the use of computers. The centre has so far trained over 250 students almost all of whom have acquired jobs due to the Computer training received at Tanya Computer Centre.

The Computer Centre uses a screen reading software called JAWS which helps the visually challenged use computers. The Centre teaches basic computer courses such as Windows and MS Office. Students are given tactile books, and notes are provided in Braille, audio or large print, as per the requirement of the student. Training is almost individual and personal and the duration of the course is extended until the student is comfortable and confident using computers.

Tanya Computer Centre is led by Tanya Balsara, daughter of Madison’s Chairman Sam Balsara who is herself visually challenged, and she personally trains all students.

Says Tanya Balsara, “I congratulate all the students passing out as well as all the 250 students who have passed out earlier for having the courage and determination to come forward and learn something new and different. I have always believed that disabilities create barriers but determination breaks them. Remember the visually impaired may not have sight, but they don’t lack vision”.

Sam Balsara made the announcement about Madison World adopting Tanya Computer Centre at the 12th Convocation ceremony of Tanya Computer Centre and said “The Centre is looking to expand its activities in other parts of Mumbai and is looking for like minded, socially committed individuals who can personally lead the Centre and train its students.” He said “the Centre would be fully equipped with furniture and fittings, computers, software, and will be entirely financed by Madison Resource Foundation in terms of both capital cost and revenue expenses including salaries”.

On the occasion an inspiring talk was given by the Guest of Honour, Mrs. Shalini Saraswathi, a quadruple amputee who is unbelievably, a marathoner, who flew down from Bangalore for the occasion. In 2012, Shalini went on to lose all 4 of her limbs but her determination and never say die attitude has helped her take life head on and live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Says Shalini Saraswathi, I’ve always said the reason for my success and strength has been the strong support system I have had, coupled with the fact that I had avenues to get back on my feet. It’s an honour to be associated with this event, because that is what this is - an empowerment. Congratulations to everyone who are passing out today and wishing everyone more strength and power!”

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