Brand makeover has just been redefined by Oxemberg

The brand has reinvented itself lately and the image makeover is not just limited to changing the font size or bringing in a new style icon

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Updated: Nov 29, 2016 4:31 PM
Brand makeover has just been redefined by Oxemberg

The brand has reinvented itself lately and the image makeover is not just limited to changing the font size or bringing in a new style icon. Oxemberg has gone the extra mile to not just sound different but also make a contented effort to connect with its audience in terms of their moods and emotions.

Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd., the parent brand of Oxemberg has taken several strides in its brand journey over the years. It is no longer a “retail only” brand. In addition to Oxemberg's nationwide presence with 50+ exclusive outlets spread across cities, marketing tie-ups with respected online players have helped Oxemberg tap into a whole new set of customers who shop online.

 The brand thought “Make Your Move” captures the ethos of its customers well enough. The young generation of today is fast, ambitious and innovative. It does not believe in waiting for things to happen, rather, it believes in making things happen. As it is said, do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.

 The Chairman and Managing Director of Siyaram’s, Ramesh Poddar is quite upbeat about the new campaign of Oxemberg. He says, “Nowadays the TG we cater to is very proactive & never hesitates to take a new and bolder step to achieve success; so does Oxemberg! The new, young look of Oxemberg will help the brand to grow more & to target the core consumers that make up our TG.”

His views are echoed by the President and Executive Director of Siyaram’s, Gaurav Poddar. He says, “Our current campaign talks about people who are never afraid to voice their ideas & are confident enough to take the next step towards success. Oxemberg as a brand has always been a beacon to them, always leading the way ahead by being innovative & experimental. I am very excited about this campaign & happy that people are liking it.”

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the brand website now to get a feel of the exciting changes happening in the world of men’s apparel. Check out the Mood Filter section and choose the apparel that best suits your mood.

What’s your mood today, buddy?

The brand recognizes that as consumers, we all are a sum of the various moods. There is a rainbow of emotions and moods across a given week. Mondays are associated with blues, while Fridays mean excitement and anticipation of the impending weekend. Wednesdays calm us down while Thursdays can be sober for some.

So, what does all this mean to a consumer and the brand?

As a keen marketer, Oxemberg has recognized that what consumers chose to wear on a particular day reflects their emotions and moods. The Mood Filter section on the brand website fulfills this function. It helps its customers match their apparel with their moods for any given day.

The brand has identified five basic moods a typical consumer can relate to – Energetic, Happy and Calm, Sober and Neutral. So, if you have a calm disposition on a given day then click on the CALM tab on the brand website and voila! You will get a range of suggestions about what to wear that particular day – a cotton copper shirt with chinos or black formal trousers.

Fridays mean energy and hey, you have several exciting options to drape yourselves in green, light blue, yellow, peach and heather combinations!

Apart from suggesting mood based combinations, the brand website also enables consumers to purchase the suggested apparel from its partner e-commerce websites.

With the introduction of the Mood Filter concept, Oxemberg has gone up several notches, leaving the competition behind. It has come closer to its customers by tapping their psychological and emotional selves on a daily basis.

The relationship between the brand and its customer is no longer transactional, it has acquired an emotional dimension as well.

And Oxemberg has also chosen to don the role of a friendly Bro (brother) to create a bond with its target audience.

Mr. Bro - your friend and guide!

Truly great brands do not educate. They partner, listen and then suggest.

In a product category such as men’s apparel that straddles across various age brackets, brands cannot afford to tell what to wear and what not to. Enter Mr. Bro, your go-to for discovering new ways of dressing well. You can always count on him for friendly advice on styling topics.

You can find Mr. Bro in the O-zone section on the brand website, which is a one-stop destination for all your styling needs. And, in case customers want to share the advice with their friends, the website helps them do so through Twitter, Facebook and other social touch points.

Earlier this year, Oxemberg appointed Isobar India, a full-service digital marketing agency and part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, as its digital agency of record (AoR). Isobar India handles the brand's digital creative and media duties, as well as manage its brand's social media presence.

The revamped website, along with elements like The Mood Filter, Mr. Bro and the rejuvenated user experience as well as the new brand thought of Make Your Move have been brought to life by Isobar, India.

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