Zipdial creates mobile game on missed calls for Kingfisher

Kingfisher and ZipDial launched an engagement activity involves a game that can be played by anyone who can make a call... <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Updated: May 19, 2011 8:57 AM
Zipdial creates mobile game on missed calls for Kingfisher

Kingfisher and ZipDial have collaborated to launch Book Cricket, a mobile cricket game based around ZipDial's service which uses missed calls to get user feedback. The idea is very simple - the user just has to call a number. The service cuts the call automatically so there is no charge, and each time you call, ZipDial sends you a SMS carrying Kingfisher's message as well, along with the runs scored. Callers take part in one over and anyone who scores 11 runs and likes and registers with ZipDial get prizes.

The entire concept requires users to only be able to make a call, and send one SMS, the whole interaction taking less than a minute, but involving the user seeing eight SMSs, all branded by Kingfisher.
The game can be played by calling 08030050077 from a cellphone. Within 24 hours of launch the game was played by 2811 unique users, out of which over 60 per cent played again the same day. The game’s popularity has grown virally through word of mouth. After the first two weeks the number was nearing a total of one lakh plays. The adoption also linked to Kingfisher's Facebook page, which has seen approximately 1,500 new fans being added daily after the launch.
“This cricket season, Kingfisher brings the Good Times to all of India, whether or not they are connected online, and ZipDial is the ideal way to allow all of our customers to experience the Good Times and celebrate cricket in a way that is toll-free and as simple as dialing,” said Samar Sheikhawat, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for United Breweries Ltd.  “We have been very happy with the participation from customers and the rate of growth of Kingfisher ZipDial Book Cricket.”
Valerie Rozycki, CEO,  ZipDial, said, “We are excited to see the results and more happy about the fact that we could add value to Kingfisher’s campaigns. The fact that ZipDial works for any consumer today on an handset and any operator while being toll-free makes it ubiquitous. 100 per cent of Indian mobile audience can participate in it."
She said, "The core differences are cost and simplicity. It's a lot easier to make calls and recieve SMS instructions instead of typing an SMS which involves a lot of shortcodes. We've been able to carry out long form engagement and even twenty question surveys, which are done without costing the user anything, making far more popular than an SMS based service. With ZipDial, we make a bridge between offline and online communication. You don't need to have a smartphone or an internet connection. What we do is make offline communication two way by taking away all barriers to entry for consumers."

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