WATCH: Technology plays an important role in content marketing: Kanika Mohan Saxena, Vodafone Idea

Saxena, Vice President Digital Content Services, Vodafone Idea Ltd, speaks about content marketing campaigns and the role of technology in content marketing

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Updated: Sep 28, 2018 8:54 AM

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Kanika Mohan Saxena, Vice President Digital Content Services Vodafone Idea Limited, in conversation with exchange4media, speaks about content marketing campaigns and the role of technology in content marketing. She believes that most of the content marketing is led by the objective of that campaign.


What according to you are the key aspects of a good content marketing campaign?

Key aspects are two fold, one is stickiness to the content (from the consumer’s perspective), and secondly, the success; the traditional ways of looking at it, whether it is likeable or shareable, whether people are talking about it, or if it is led by PR. Those are the valuations we ascertain saying that a content is great or not. There must be a way, a process or a method where you are able to go beyond these because I am still seeing they are very niche at the moment.

What are the performance indicators for a content marketing campaign?

I think most of the content marketing is led by the objective of that campaign. If the campaign objective is brand, then of course there is the resonance of the brand, the proposition of the brand is one part and the second part is entertaining and educating the consumer through content. We are also leaving some method for them to resonate to what you said. Depending on the brand, there are two different objectives. Most of the brands today are still stuck at the first piece. I am hoping that this will move to the latter part where the brands are able to tell a story and more brands will be telling a story, with the just the brand message in the back.

How have you seen branded content and content marketing evolve?

I have been in the business of Television, Films, launching OTT platforms, branded content agencies. For content creators it is a great time, today with almost everybody producing content those avenues have opened because the consumer has become smart. There are so many opportunities out there. They are saying by 2022 the mobile handset users will grow multiple folds. I think it is a great time for everybody, because today, entertainment doesn't mean just watching a television or a film, it is watching anything and everything on the go. I foresee this going on for the next 3 years, that is when the point will come where we will be able to ascertain those who are there to stay and those who will fall out. Content making is a very expensive proposition, the producers should be able to monetise it at a point of time. Is the consumer willing to pay at this point of time? the answer is yes and no. I personally feel if the consumers like it, they buy it and we have seen examples with the success of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Balaji, ALT Balaji, Hot Star.

I am glad I am part of this time and hope we all will be to entertain the consumers on whichever screen they choose.

What is the role of technology in content marketing?

Technology plays an important role. Today digitally you are almost listening to anything and everything, you know exactly what the consumer wants, what they are looking for. For example, key words, you know what the consumer is searching for and not getting. That’s an insight and it is also an opportunity for you to able create more source as per your business objective. I think, Netflix has done this well, they are spending billions of dollars doing this. With Artificial Intelligence, Netflix presents content to you depending on the thumbnails you have seen previously because the results tells them only 2 seconds is the time you take time to understand whether you want to watch a piece of content or not.

In fact, we are investing a lot of money in AI to be able to understand the consumer. If you come on Vodafone Play and watch content with us, the app will talk to you and that will be a one-on-one experience. I think that’s a great space to able to know and cater accordingly, that is when you form a relationship with the consumer and then they will stay.

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