Veteran John Romero designer announces his first Facebook game

Game industry legend John Romero has entered the social game market. While the long term future of social games is still being viewed with some skepticism in the industry, veteran developer John Romero has announced funding for the first game from LootDrop, his social gaming studio.

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Updated: Jan 25, 2011 8:54 AM
Veteran John Romero designer announces his first Facebook game

Social gaming is the most buzzed word in the videogame industry today, whether seen as the savior of an industry which is reaching a plateau or as the first sign of an enterprise in decline. While many see the social niche with skepticism, veteran designer John Romero, who can be credited with the creation of the FPS genre, the most dominant kind of videogame today. He also has to his credits industry legends like Quake and Doom, just announced that the first game from his newly formed social game studio LootDrop has secured funding.

The game will be funded and published by social entertainment firm RockYou and is the second Facebook project from Romero, who earlier helped LOLapps with the creation of their Facebook game Ravenwood Fair.

Romero’s LootDrop sounds like the who’s who list of videogame developers, including as it does Robert Sirotek, who co-founded Sir-Tech Software in 1980 and Tom Hall, who co-founded idsoft along with Romero.

Romero told Mashable, “The social space is where the excitement and the players are at, hundreds of millions of them and I’m excited to make another game on the platform. RockYou’s support will drive Loot Drop’s first project forward. I believe social games have an incredible future, and we’ve barely explored their potential.”

The amount of investment, release date or title of the game are yet to be announced, but moves like these could well mark the turning point for social gaming, taking it away from the paid interactions made notable by Zynga and creating a true gaming experience, which is also social.

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