The mobile war begins as manufacturers resort to competitive advtg

With Google taking a dig at Apple with its new Android KitKat TVC & Nokia calling the funky colours in the new iPhone series an imitation of its own style, we await to see how Apple will counter attack

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Published: Sep 16, 2013 8:33 AM  | 2 min read
The mobile war begins as manufacturers resort to competitive advtg

A decade ago, when Indian citizens ranging from top-notch executives to the middle-class clutched to their Nokia handsets, it was hard to imagine a scenario where the ace handset maker would fade. The Indian handset economy has witnessed a sea change in the last few years, the most recent being the Nokia – Microsoft acquisition. Additionally, the last few days have been very crucial for the handset economy globally as Google announced the launch of its new version ‘Android KitKat’ and Apple launched its new pocket suitable series ‘iPhone 5S and 5C’.

As consumers are gearing up to welcome the new products, handset makers resort to competitive advertising to influence consumers in their decision-making process.

It started with Google taking a dig at Apple with its new TVC that promotes Android KitKat. The TVC was a subtle mimicry of Apple’s commercial featuring Jonathan Ive. The advertisement described the chocolate bar as ‘truly panoramic tasting and an experience that will leave you up in the cloud’.

Following the launch of Android KitKat was iPhone 5C and 5S. The internet was flooded with reviews and analysis of how the handset is set to change the Indian market. On the day of the launch, Nokia created a Twitter communication to ride on the Apple fever.

With the new launches, Apple broke its policy of only black, white and silver handsets. Mocking the new Apple series, Nokia tweeted a picture of its own range of cell phones in funky colours with a caption on the lines of ‘Imitation is the best form of appreciation’.

The boons of competitive advertising have made their presence felt time and again. Not only do they provide immense entertainment, they most certainly help drive home the point.

We await to see how Apple will respond to Google and Nokia’s move…


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