Quick five with Grey Digital’s Navin Kansal

"It is very important to look at digital as a way of life than a mere communication platform," says the Group Creative Director of Grey Digital

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Updated: Nov 21, 2012 7:30 PM
Quick five with Grey Digital’s Navin Kansal

Digital communication is not just about getting the right technology in place but also about integrating a strong creative process. Today, most Indian brands have a digital presence but not many stand out, observes Navin Kansal, Group Creative Director, Grey Digital.

In conversation with exchange4media, Kansal explains how Indian brands should look at key creative digital guidelines to build effective campaigns.  

How has marketers’ demand from social changed in recent years?
The exciting part is that marketers are no longer looking at digital just as a check box that needs to be ticked. The medium, I think, has evolved to be considered as a 360-degree channel. One major observation one can make is that there has been consolidation of digital campaigns today.

Digital has been looked upon as a central idea that has been guiding to various other touch- points. With more marketers getting digitally savvy, the medium will not be just considered a cost effective medium but will soon be also used for pure brand building exercises.

What are the key things that brands should keep in mind to build a healthy social conversation?
I don’t think there is a need for brands to go ahead and intrude in a social conversation always. Brands need to understand the fact that they cannot own social space; it is the people’s platform. At best what can brands can do is be honest with people in the social conversation.  Brands should ideate on how to make interesting platforms to keep conservation going on social. The attempt to intervene can backfire many a times.

Brands have to live with the fact that that many a times consumers may leverage these laid platforms as an alternative service platform and might end up posting grievances. Brands that do not acknowledge or have a prompt response system in place will be in trouble. Social can act as an interesting engagement channel but if conversations have to be built, brands need to be ready for an honest effort to respond sincerely.

Mobile is still not leveraged to its best capabilities by Indian brands. What is your observation on this?
Mobile is still looked at as a channel where content is published rather than being engaged.  With increase in smartphone penetration, we are likely to see more effective campaigns using this medium. It will also depend on category to category and how you look at mobile – as a push or pull device. It is a matter of time to see this medium get revolutionised and be effectively leveraged by brands.

What are the five elements that make a digital campaign a hit?
Context and relevance is the first and foremost thing that needs to be thought about while designing a digital campaign. Picking the right digital channel carefully is a must during the process because a hub and spoke model will not always work right. This will help in creating a campaign with ethos of the digital channel.

Understanding the behaviour of users is the second important thing that needs to be taken care of because users may view digital activities in the same fashion as they do a tradition medium. Therefore, understanding the point of view of consumer behaviour is a must.

Thirdly, one should always remember that in digital, pull always works better that push.

Also, one size doesn’t fit all. Digital has the potential to segment target audiences.

Lastly, digital can also act as a trans-media. It is very important to look at digital as a way of life than a mere communication platform that could possibly bring a change in consumer behaviour.

What is at top of your wish list for 2013?
I really pray and hope that the Indian digital fraternity opens its account at Cyber Lion at Cannes 2013.

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