Oracle is embedded in all critical aspects of our daily lives: Prasad Rai

Rai, VP, Oracle spoke about the brand's focus on simplifying enterprise technology and generating awareness about cloud and emerging technologies like ERP/SCM

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Updated: May 10, 2019 9:22 AM
Prasad Rai

Technology is playing a critical role in our daily lives. In an attempt to simplify the use of high end tech tools, Oracle has taken up a unique approach to consumerise and demystify enterprise technology for the benefit of not just CFOs but also for leaders who may not understand deep technology. The tech major has tried to explain the complexities of ERP and Supply Chain Management through the eyes of an eight-year-old boy named Brian and it is coming up with a series of three videos to simplify and consumerise the technology.

In an interview with exchange4media, Prasad Rai, Vice President, Oracle, spoke about Oracle’s focus on simplifying enterprise technology and generating awareness about cloud and emerging technologies like ERP/SCM in a form that is accepted and consumed easily by the consumers from varied backgrounds.

Edited excerpts:

ERP/ SCM and animation are two different ends of the spectrum; ERP being very serious, and animation usually considered to be fun. What prompted Oracle to connect the two?

Technology has seeped deep into our daily lives. It is affecting our culture, politics and society. We all spend most of our time with gadgets and apps, for our personal as well as professional requirements. All these changes are result of relentless efforts that have been put in creating those technologies.

At Oracle, we thought that it was time to talk about all the effort that has been in background till date. It is no secret that Oracle is associated with deep enterprise technology and public at large are not aware of how Oracle is embedded in perhaps all critical aspects of their daily lives. We wanted to build that understanding of how Oracle touches lives, all day, every day. Modern day story telling techniques help in ensuring that our content resonates with new-age consumers. So, we decided to break down the tech heavy ERP messaging for easy consumption by a lay person. ERP is one of the most pervasive technologies and is crucial for almost all industries be it, education, retail, healthcare, telecom and the BFSI sector etc.  We wanted to create general awareness about cloud and emerging technologies like ERP/SCM in a form that is accepted and consumed easily by the consumers from varied backgrounds.

The central objective of this campaign is to position Oracle as a brand that is simplifying technology for businesses and consumers alike. It was designed to support and complement the company’s focus on ERP via all the existing ERP campaigns that are happening in traditional as well as on social platforms.  It highlighted how seemingly complex technologies like ERP and SCM touch our daily lives by using the character of the chocolate loving protagonist called Brian. The idea was to demystify technology and enable end-customers to understand the role played by Oracle Cloud applications in ensuring they get their favourite products, when they need them and where they need them. Another intention of this activity was to showcase how Oracle cloud applications comes embedded with emerging technologies like AI, ML, IoT etc. and the ease with which they make business simpler and more streamlined.

Using animation has been a tool for B2C companies. How well do you think B2B, especially deep technology companies can use similar formats to further their narratives?

If you look at it objectively, the use of animation as a tool by B2C companies is more visible. Consumer facing companies have been more forthcoming and known for using developing content that connect with the masses. Companies which cater to enterprise tech customers, have also been using tools like animation, videos or infographics to communicate with their customers. The only difference this time is that we are using a plot and characters that are relatable to a larger audience.

If we start talking about technology in human terms, we can consumerise it and people can understand it in much more effective way. A relatable story woven around any technology clearly communicates the benefits and impact of the technology. The personification of the technology helps in starting conversations with stakeholders who may not always be tech savvy. Using personification, you’ll spend less time clarifying ‘which piece’ you’re talking about and more time having actual conversations around systems workflows.

Can you run us through the story line of the series? How is Oracle messaging connected to the story and how do you think it achieves the objectives at the outset? 

The story line is simple, and it is about a little boy named Brian, who loves chocolates and goes to the supermarket to buy them every Wednesday. The story sees a twist as one Wednesday when he asks Mr. Pomptail, the store owner, about how does he find his favourite chocolate supermarket. After that, he gets a detailed explanation as to where the problem is existing and informed about how ERP cloud helps his favourite chocolate company to make sure that stores near him always have the chocolate in their stock. Every element of the storyline was thought through and debated. A chocolate factory was selected as the backdrop as the purpose was to showcase a business with a manufacturing set up and chocolates are something that almost all of us love. The animals were chosen carefully.

The CEO/ owner was a bird who wants to ‘soar’ higher’ which directly resonates with our initiative Oracle Soar, the world’s first automated cloud migration offering that enables Oracle customers to transition to cloud in less than 20 weeks, cut costs by 30%, and in the process have the last ever technology upgrade on cloud. Oracle Soar enables automatic technology upgrades to its cloud offering without the customer having to make new upgrade or have any downtime. With the help of a complete set of automated tools and proven cloud transition methodologies, “Soar to the Cloud” solution enables customers with applications running on premises to upgrade to Oracle Cloud Applications in no time.

All the four videos show how ERP cloud offer end to end solutions for all the problems of supply chain management - How to make sure that production is enough to meet the demand across locations in the most efficient way. The key message that we want to deliver via the campaign is that Oracle helps CXOs meet their business challenges with a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive cloud business applications, including key functionality designed specifically for industrial manufacturers. Oracle offers a complete vision that includes a secure and integrated portfolio of solutions and delivers the same on the most current and modern cloud platform.

Are you planning to run similar campaigns in the future?

Oracle has been experimenting with modern day story content formats and running such campaigns for the last few months. We worked on series of crisp videos on skill – gap that the businesses are facing. Last year, we worked on a jingle to demystify blockchain which we posted on our social media platforms in the form of an animation. This was very well-received by our stakeholders. Buoyed by the response, we took a step further by telling a story in a series of animation. We are already working on some campaign ideas across our offerings and you will see some other unique story telling techniques being employed by Oracle on our social media channels, so stay tuned!

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