Online English news portal, SaddaHaq, launched

Launched by Viven Infomedia, SaddaHaq aims to bridge the divide between information and action. The mission is to improve social engagement

e4m by Deepa Balasubramanian
Updated: Dec 3, 2013 9:02 AM
Online English news portal, SaddaHaq, launched

Viven Infomedia has launched SaddaHaq, an online English news portal, from the Hyderabad market. The national news portal, which was in Beta stage over the last quarter, went live on December 2, 2013.

Commenting on the news portal, Pallav Bajjuri, Founder, Viven Infomedia said, “We started SaddaHaq for social engagement and activism. Whenever we read about road accidents or floods we feel sad, but soon move on. This results in a lot of energy loss. The question that we asked ourselves was what if we can join/ start a campaign for better roads at the same place where we are reading about a road accident? The emotional energy of the person reading that information can be leveraged for better purpose and hence, SaddaHaq.”

Bajjuri explained that SaddaHaq is a Punjabi word for ‘My Right’. The name has been inspired by a song from Ranbir Kapoor-starrer ‘Rockstar’. The core purpose and values of the platform is to gel very well with the message conveyed in the song. Also, according to Bajjuri, it conveys the Indian-ness of the platform, even while adding a strong emotional value.

SaddaHaq aims to bridge the divide between information and action, and the mission is to improve social engagement and simplify social activism with news as a medium.

Speaking on the revenue model for the portal, Bajjuri shared that it will be different from that of a traditional media organisation. “We are building the next generation in media, so our monetisation will be a new chapter in the industry,” he added. He further said, “We are not seeking advertisements at present. We are only focused on building our product and the user base. We will solicit or entertain advertisements only at the end of 2014.”

In keeping with the mission of increasing social engagement and activism, the portal will focus on civic issues and human interest stories. Majority of the content will be sourced from the readers through their open media approach.

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