No other content drives the kind of engagement that Webinars do: Daniel Waas, GoToWebinar

Software and Technology, Consulting, Healthcare seem to be increasingly using Webinars to engage with their clients and employees

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Updated: Jan 15, 2018 8:51 AM

The Big Book of Webinar Stats, collated by GoToWebinar, revealed some interesting facts and figures about Webinars, which has become a new route that digital has invaded into. Daniel Waas, Director of Product Marketing, GoToWebinar, gives us more insights into these stats and about the industry that is Webinars. Excerpts:

How have webinars and videos become an important part of marketing these days?

In B2B sales today all power lies with the buyer. The days of hard selling are over. Businesses today have to earn the trust of buyers through thought leadership. Accordingly content and inbound marketing have seen massive adoption over the past few years. Webinars have directly benefited from this shift. They’re a great way for businesses to build a personal relationship with their prospective buyers and show off their expertise. Video is a critical element in this approach. It helps build trust with an audience and helps businesses create an authentic voice that is differentiated in the market.

You recently released 'The Big Book of Webinar Stats'. What would be some key highlights that you could share?

73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads, and for good reason. In fact, we know the average webinar attendee session time is 61 minutes. No other content drives that kind of engagement. Based on the statistics we compiled we discovered that the highest number of registrations take place on Tuesdays and that 47% registrations take place from 8-10 am. 1/3rd of registrations for a webinar take place on the same day as the session. Customers tend to opt for replays over live webinars.

We also have an infographic available here:

What could be some future developments in Webinars?

On-demand content is on the rise and we believe we’ll see a continued trend in that direction. Video is transforming the way we do business and webinars have long been at the forefront of this.

Could you tell us about the sectors that have been using Webinars extensively these days?

Software and Technology is the industry where we’ve seen by far the strongest adoption, but webinars also play a key role in Financial Services, Consulting, Education and Healthcare. That said webinars see adoption in almost any industry when it comes to internal training (employee on-boarding, sales training, etc.) or internal communications (town hall and all hands meetings).

What are the future plans of GoToWebinar?

We’ve just launched a new platform called GoToStage that is specifically optimized for on-demand consumption. You can expect to see a series of innovations around this new offering throughout 2018 that will allow marketers and training professionals to further increase the return-of-investment from webinars.

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