InUni launches regional city-centric content discovery platform

Focusses on curating experiences of cities, providing localized content for users to discuss, connect, interact and share with people from all over the city on their mobile apps.

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Updated: Mar 7, 2018 7:18 PM

With India’s internet penetration, making tremendous strides in Tier II & III towns, a multitude of opportunities have sprung up in a largely overlooked and under-served market. According to Times Internet, 2017 marked the year in which regional language content consumption over took English digital content in India’s Internet ecosystem.

This inevitable change in the landscape can be witnessed primarily in India’s B-towns where vernacular and regional content is projected to grow exponentially. Access to high-speed Internet connection is no longer restricted to metro cities, which is causing a massive shift in online content consumption patterns, across the nation. The preference of Indian consumers towards vernacular and regional content is also on the upswing, with 93% of the time spent on content in local languages.

To capture the next set of audiences and catering to Tier-2 cities, InUni has launched regional city specific, content discovery platforms, focusing on curating experiences of cities, providing localized content for users to discuss, connect, interact and share with people from all over the city on their mobile apps.

Presently, digital media consumption in Tier-2 towns is ripe for innovative new habit forming products.The user base that makes up the regional language in India grew at a CAGR of 41 percent from 2011-16 to reach 234 million. The same segment is predicted to increase to 536 million users in 2021 in comparison to the projected 199 million users that will consume primarily English content online.

As hundreds of millions of Indians log on to the Internet, this platform will provide them with personalized and localized digital experiences. Low-moderate adoption levels of news consumption make this a high growth segment. By 2021, regional language consumption will account for 75% of India’s Internet user base. The growth of this user segment will be compounded with increasing penetration and adoption of low cost 4G.

InUni is a network of city centric apps that puts each city at the epicenter of the platform and weaves the entire experience around it. City Apps published by InUni are gateways to experience the city in real-time for everyone that is any shape or form connected to it. It connects, describes and narrates the essence of a city in a clutter free manner giving great user experience. With simple swipes, users can find the latest news, photos and information from trusted sources; get real-time city updates from other users and even the government.

According to Shashank Rai, Co-founder – InUni, “In recent times, India has seen tremendous rise in online content consumption from Tier II & III India. More than half of the internet user base is now looking for content in regional languages; primarily in genres such as News, Sports & Entertainment.

He further added “Limited local language enablement on the internet is the most common grievance coming from users in India today. Our platforms have localization ingrained deeply in their DNA providing truly regional experiences. Last month our reach was around 3 million users across the channels, and we are working to increase this sharply. In the addition time spent on Apps by all our users was well over 1.5 lac minutes with 75.5 thousand sessions. Our platforms not only provide local news, but cater to all types of content. Users can find Viral, National and State content with the feed updating every minute",

The App can be downloaded from Google store by searching for In e.g. InVaranasi for Varanasi or InLucknow for Lucknow. InUni has retained In prefix for all its apps on Play Store. It provides local news/ articles collected from across the internet on which users can engage on their favorite posts. The app is currently live in Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Allahabad, Jaipur, Patna, Varanasi, Azamgarh, Agra, Ghazipur and Mau, aggregating 30,000 articles everyday.

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