International: Mozilla goes from one Firefox to three; Internet goes aww!

Mozilla Corporation has adopted two firefox cubs in an American zoo and will fund their care and is trying to raise awareness for the threatened status of the species. Users can visit a microsite on the firefox website and see a 24-hour live feed of the animals and help name the two.

by exchange4media Staff
Published - Dec 6, 2010 7:59 AM Updated: Dec 6, 2010 7:59 AM
International: Mozilla goes from one Firefox to three; Internet goes aww!

Two red panda cubs (firefoxes) born in June this year have been adopted by Mozilla Corporation, the non-profit organisation which makes the popular Firefox Internet browser. Mozilla has created a special microsite,, where people can see the cubs via live streaming video. This could well become a viral Internet sensation, as not only is Mozilla streaming a feed of these extremely cute cubs, whose name just happens to tie in neatly with their number one product, but will also allow the users of the website to name the cubs, once they reach a certain number of downloads for the latest version of their free browser, Firefox 4.

For now though, the cubs are known as Cub 1 and Cub 2, but the corporation is collecting names, and as they point out, the red panda is an endangered species so even if you don’t plan to use their browser, people should visit the site, and tell their friends, as it will raise awareness about the threatened status of these animals. Mozilla suggests visiting the site around 9 am, 12 pm and 4 pm to see the cubs at their playful best, so enjoy!

Red Pandas are endangered animals, and these particular cubs are the most vital captive firefoxes to the bloodline of their species. Just as Mozilla works to build and protect the open Web, we also support the preservation of key natural ecosystems and hope that Firefox Live will raise awareness of the pandas’ threatened status. (Learn about Mozilla’s other conservation efforts here.)

You can also help us name the cubs! Right now they go by the rather utilitarian names “cub #1″ and “cub #2″, but you can add your suggestions for what they should be called on the site. And, that’s just the beginning – over the next few months we’ll be providing more ways for you to interact with them, support firefoxes in the wild and increase awareness of Mozilla’s mission.

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