Immersive gaming experience accounts for higher brand recall: Amit Thete, Mercedes-Benz

At the e4m Game On: Gaming Summit, Thete, General Manager - Marketing & Customer Journey, Mercedes-Benz India, presented a case study, 'Gaming & Marketing Possibilities'

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Updated: Mar 20, 2021 9:17 AM
Amit Thete

Day 2 of the e4m Online Gaming Summit ‘Game ON’ brought together the best and most influential speakers of the online gaming industry on a single virtual platform. A case study titled 'Gaming & Marketing Possibilities' was presented by Amit Thete, General Manager - Marketing & Customer Journey, Mercedes-Benz India. 

Setting the context for the case study, Thete started the session by saying: “Gaming is not an area we have ventured into too much in India but globally, it has started to take off. It is no more a child’s play. It is much more an involved and matured platform. Currently, it is a $165 billion industry. Accessibility is also another reason why gaming is growing at such a rapid pace.” 

Sharing data with the viewers, Mercedes-Benz India’s Thete stated that 50% of gaming is from mobile phones. “With today’s cloud-based technology, mobile has expanded the gaming world. This makes gaming a very convenient platform for engagement”, he commented. 

Thete cited that around 85% of the target group are from the age group 18-34. Out of which 34% of these players are fans who have full-time careers. 32% of these players are into the higher income bracket. Globally, 71% of the gamers are from the male TG. 

At the helm of e-sports, Thete says these gamers are highly tech-savvy millennials, they belong to affluent backgrounds, understand the analytics behind it, are modern, and want to be in an area where they have found their passion for gaming. 

Traditional brands like Coke, Mercedes, Redbull are entering the gaming industry. The immersive gaming experience is accounting for higher brand recall. 

In regards to the Mercedes Benz gaming environment, Thete remarked, “Globally we have a tie-up with online gaming. In 2019, we had one on-ground event ESL at Mumbai. Due to the pandemic, on-ground events weren’t happening. For example, Formula 1 was a big challenge and Mercedes Benz is known for its seventh-year undisputed championship at the motorsport. That is when we shifted to online Formula 1 as a sport and that gave us immense viewership. Around 30 million people were watching online. The best of our race drivers were participating there. We are also working on GT racing in terms of simulators and how to take them online from on-ground. In the future, gaming will have to have some integration with the car. We are working on in-car gaming. Recently, in one of the forums, it was announced and in-car gaming is at a developmental stage.” 

Giving his closing remarks, Thete shared with the audience his plans for gaming within Mercedes Benz India saying, “At the moment the audience needs to be more in place for the luxury car market. However, we see a future with online gaming and we would like to think about this as a platform. We would like to study the platform a little more, ensure that is matured for the target audience, and then venture into it. As a marketer, I’m positive about online gaming and its deployment in the country.”

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