Idea behind #TweetToTheTop was to help media agencies use our platform better: Simon Brockman, Head of Global Agencies, APAC, Twitter

Twitter kicked off its new media agency programme #TweetToTheTop in India on Monday. We caught up with Simon Brockman, Head of Global Agencies, Asia Pacific, at Twitter to understand more about the same

e4m by Abhinna Shreshtha
Updated: Aug 29, 2017 8:55 AM

Twitter kicked off its new media agency programme #TweetToTheTop in India on Monday. 11 agencies from global media and advertising networks including Dentsu, GroupM, IPG and Omnicom will be participating in this initiative. #TweetToTheTop is Twitter’s first year-long agency engagement programme dedicated to young media executives in five countries in Asia Pacific --- India, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. We caught up with Simon Brockman, Head of Global Agencies, Asia Pacific, at Twitter to understand more about the same. Excerpts:

Why launch this program in APAC at this time?

Now is a very interesting time for both agencies and what we do as well, but from an agency perspective, there is always requirement for education and training. From a Twitter perspective, we have been doing incredibly well in India and across the region and so it seemed like the perfect time to partner again with agencies for training as we have done in the past and develop a program that benefits them from a retention perspective.

So how does the #TweetToTheTop program work?

There are a couple of different phases to it. The first component to it was a soft launch during Cannes 2016. We spoke to all the regional CEOs and then we spoke to the local CEOs to nominate their top rising stars. We expect to have 60-100 people across all agencies in these workshops and then as we progress and they reply to client briefs, this number will come down to 5 per market and finally one winner per market. Ultimately the idea is that the best idea and the best people get through to the end and their work is celebrated at one of the world’s great advertising arenas, which is Cannes.

Is the program exclusive to APAC?

Yes it is. The idea behind #TweetToTheTop initially was to help media agencies use our platform better, not just from a business perspective, but also a personal perspective. A small component of this is being done in the US but this unique and for the first time it is being done in APAC.

Apart from #TweetToTheTop, are there any other initiatives that you are planning to launch for your agency partners?

This is our one big investment for agencies this year apart from the usual training, education and content strategy that we do for our agency partner.

Are there any specific tools that Twitter will be releasing that will aid media planners do their job better?

We are always talking to media agencies about different ways of developing solutions. As part of the process we will be discussing with them various different internal tools and getting their feedback about how to make it easier for them to sell to their clients.

A recent eMarketer worldwide report stated that more than 60 per cent of agency leads still have challenges measuring ROI on social media marketing. What is Twitter doing to make this process easier for media planners?

On digital, measurement can be achieved in so many different ways but from a briefing perspective there is ad recall, retweets, etc. So we work closely with agencies as closely as possible to help develop measurements that align with what they want to achieve so they can prove performance on the platform. We also have Nielsen brand effect studies and lots of other measurement techniques to prove effectiveness. How we develop these tools is also in alignment with the agency.

What do you think are some of the other challenges in front of media agencies when it comes to social media?

It is an incredibly complex space. Agencies have to be on the cutting edge all the time. They are working with a lot of clients and there is enormous pressure and enormous competition. They say that 2017-18 will be the year of the pitch again.

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