How Twitter has established itself as the perfect platform for tech B2B brands

With the most influential business decision-makers on Twitter, tech B2B brands like Microsoft India, Cisco and YouTube are successfully leveraging the platform for their ad campaigns

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Updated: Apr 1, 2021 6:26 PM

Twitter is what's happening, and what people are talking about right now. It is the indisputable hope for real-time public conversation for sports, music, entertainment, technology, gaming, business, and seismic cultural shifts – across all interests and passions. When brands are strategizing their launch campaigns, Twitter is ideal to build awareness and interest for something new and that is not just restricted to a product launch or a movie release. The platform has proven tailored solutions across verticals and geographies.

The platform allows brands and users to connect by being part of conversations and thus building relevance. This could be extending a sponsorship, being part of an event, a TV campaign, or simply part of the everyday conversations that matter to customers. Today, Twitter has earned a place ‘in the room’ with customers in every vertical and sub-vertical around the world, helping them build their overall marketing strategy with the help of the insights from the world's largest real-time focus group, which is Twitter itself.

Over the years, social media platform Twitter has established its effectiveness in enabling brands to connect with their target consumers seamlessly. Both B2B and B2C brands have effectively leveraged the platform to achieve their advertising and marketing objectives. As Twitter continues to push the boundaries of advertising and communication solutions, tech B2B brands in a particular way are capitalising on the platform to reach out to key business decision-makers. With Twitter having established itself as home to some of the most influential leaders, industry events, and important conversations, tech B2B brands are ensuring that they strengthen their connections with existing and potential stakeholders through the platform.

The most engaged and influential business decision-makers are on Twitter and they come to the platform for personal and business purposes – therefore they spend more time connected on Twitter. More engagement means more opportunities for brands to effectively connect with a highly leaned-in audience. Tech B2B brands such as Microsoft India, Cisco, and YouTube have therefore used the platform effectively to drive awareness and build brand preference among qualified users that feed into lower-funnel initiatives. 

Why is tech B2B happening on Twitter?

Business decision makers (BDMs) are very much on Twitter, and the best part is that they are spending time on the platform for a host of reasons, and are in fact spending more time on Twitter than several other platforms. (As per BCG B2B marketer survey, Feb-Mar 2017) BCG recently researched the behaviours of both B2B buyers and marketers to assess the extent of mobile’s impact on buying behaviour and the nature of the changes that mobile is driving. BCG’s research found that 80% of B2B buyers are using mobile at work, and more than 60% report that mobile played a significant role in a recent purchase. BCG’s research also indicates that mobile speeds sales, which both accelerates revenue coming in and reduces costs. Mobile can accelerate time to purchase by 20% by increasing efficiency in decision making and enhancing team collaboration, particularly in more complex purchases. 

It is therefore clear that in this scenario, Twitter plays a critical role for B2B brands in building preference and driving consideration at a faster pace. As consumers use the mobile increasingly on their personal and work time, Twitter offers a distinct advantage reaching significantly more BDMs than any other platform (Source - BCG B2B marketer survey, Feb-Mar 2017). Research conducted by Kantar Millward Brown, which profiled BDMs to compare attitudes of Twitter and non-Twitter users showcased that BDMs on Twitter are more influential than those who are not on the platform. Twitter BDMs are younger while also more senior and influential in their companies. These are the influential BDMs that tech B2B companies seek to target, and what better place than Twitter to do exactly that?


How are tech B2B brands leveraging Twitter?

Tech B2B brands such as Microsoft India, Cisco, and YouTube are promoting their brand’s story by giving voice to their solutions and organisation through their leaders, taking a stance on important conversations, and aligning their brand with premium content, and amplifying reach through sponsorships. These brands are boosting their event marketing strategies, awareness, and influence at industry events, thereby maximising investments of their proprietary events. The platform helps them to surround themselves in cultural and live events, target the right customer at the right time and rely on Twitter’s audience-centric and conversational targeting capabilities. Here’s a look at how these three brands leveraged Twitter to reach their target BDMs, making a noteworthy impact in terms of product awareness and engagement.


Microsoft India #BuildingResilience

Microsoft understood that their audience is on the platform by witnessing engagement on their ongoing series Tete-e-Tech. To gauge the impact of this tectonic shift on our businesses and to understand how brands are pivoting their strategies and realigning them in today’s digital-first world, Microsoft planned a big and interactive #BuildingResilience campaign through the use of an impact property, Spotlight to garner the maximum exposure and use video website cards to drive the message home. This campaign displayed 42% higher views and 15% higher engagement as compared to the industry benchmark. They recently also partnered with CNBC-TV18 to further increase their product awareness and reinforce their message among the users.

YouTube leveraged Twitter to drive awareness about their solutions for advertisers and creators alike with data-backed insights and multiple creative formats. Their strategy paid off well, as associated Twitter Brand Surveys showed a significant lift in ad recall (+12%) for YouTube. This is how the numbers look for YouTube’s campaign on Twitter.


  • 37M+ impressions 


  • 180K link clicks


  • 420K Tweet engagements


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