How HRX upped its digital game to help people become fitter

On a shoestring budget, the brand garnered a whopping 2.5+ million impressions across digital platforms and an overall engagement of 1+ million while positioning themselves as a trusted fitness advisor

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Updated: Mar 21, 2018 8:53 AM

Reams of research has reflected that while people take up a number of New Year resolutions at the beginning of a year, they tend to fail when it comes to sticking to them. HRX, the homegrown activewear brand, co-owned by Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, used the trend as an opportunity to kick off their campaign #StrongerThanYourExcuses. The campaign centers on ensuring that people stick to their New Year fitness resolutions.

The Goal

The brand wanted to position itself as a trusted fitness advisor, guide and partner; someone who handholds people in their journey towards becoming the fittest version of them. “The idea was to unleash the power of Instagram and reach and engage with the right set of audience by creating a tangible benefit for them,” pointed out Ajay Singh, Marketing Manager, HRX.

Strategy and story-telling + marketing and motivation

With the help of Gozoop Online, the brand created a step-by-step interactive and engaging plan with a fitness expert to make people get up and take action. The campaign #StrongerThanYourExcuses involved Rishabh Telang, master trainer, HRX WO, as the fitness expert who crafted every HRX workout that people had to follow.

The campaign was primarily held on Instagram and cross-promoted on Facebook and Twitter. It started with the revelation that people usually give up on their New Year resolutions by February, followed by a contest where people were asked why they give up on their fitness resolutions. The contest garnered a range of excuses, from lack of time to no expert guidance. These excuses helped them in planning the entire campaign further.

With the excuses that people shared, challenges were curated. These involved HRX workouts that were less time consuming, backed by expert guidance and could be done anywhere. It was a three-week activity where the participants were given 18 challenges and three days of rest. Every day, a new challenge was shared on Instagram that involved a set of three to four HRX movements that were crafted by Telang.

Participants had to follow those movements, shoot their video and share it with the trainer on their Instagram profile by using the hashtag #StrongerThanYourExcuses. Instagram stories were regularly used to push each challenge along with timely reminders.

“For any successful campaign, it is no longer about the likes, comments and shares, but about changing and shaping audience behaviour in line with the vision and philosophy of a brand. Driving tangible action is the most important benchmark that we have set for the campaign. Deploying an Instagram-centric approach and leveraging micro-influencers have been the key pillars of our strategy,” Ahmed Aftab Naqvi, CEO and Co-founder, Gozoop, shared.

Telang also addressed all the queries and concerns that people had with regard to the fitness routine personally and regularly. This motivated them further, as now, they could ask and get solutions to personalised problems directly from an expert at no cost. Participants were asked to take up the challenge every day for three weeks and a winner was chosen for each day. In the end, three lucky winners who participated in all the 18 challenges won HRX hampers worth Rs 10,000.

Getting There

The activity fetched HRX a whopping 2.5+ million impressions across digital platforms and an overall engagement of 1+ million. Apart from that, it also helped them garner 950K+ video views across platforms, more than 400 video entries for participation besides a united step to #KeepGoing towards fitness.

Singh reasoned that what made this campaign so impactful was the solid insight the brand had around fitness resolutions and why people give up on it too soon. “This helped us plan and drive the whole campaign much more effectively. Also, timing combined with the meticulous execution was the key to its success. The learning from this campaign will play a big role in all our future digital campaigns,” he concluded.

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