Brands need to build AR capability before it reaches critical mass: David Kaganovsky

While speaking at the e4m eTechManch conference, Kaganovsky, the Global CTO at Wakemaker, reiterated that investing in AR at the right time will help brands reap its benefits when it goes mainstream

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Updated: Jun 25, 2021 10:06 AM
David Kaganovsky

Wavemaker Global Chief Technology Officer David Kaganovsky said that the brands and marketers need to start building augmented reality (AR) capabilities before it attains critical mass. Doing so will help brands take advantage of the capabilities when AR becomes mainstream.

"Right now, AR capability is coming in all mobile phones and within 5 years all of it is going to be available on basic mobile phones also. We need to start planning for that today. We don't have a critical mass of mobile devices that have this capability, but we can't wait for the critical mass to build, and we need to start getting ready for that with technology planning in order to get our capability ready to interact with consumers," Kaganovsky said during a keynote session at the e4m eTechManch summit on Thursday.

Besides building AR capabilities, brands also need to work on having first-party data, as it allows marketers to understand the consumer and truly connect with them on a human level and not just on demographics. "It is not necessary that we know everything. It is not about hoovering up a tremendous amount of data, but it is about having enough data to make smart inferences about types of behaviour and experiences that consumers will be receptive to. It needs to be done in a privacy-compliant way," he added.
The brands also need to scale up on headless commerce in order to provide a consistent experience across the purchase ecosystem whether it is virtual, social, or physical. "In headless commerce, brands need to optimise to the platform in which the consumer is operating," Kaganovsky said.

He also said that marketers need to develop an integrated marketing technology strategy. Kaganovsky suggested that brands must build relationships with tech partners and develop a reference architecture.

"There is a gap in communication between CMO and CIO. In fact, the gap between the CMO and CIO is even larger than the CFO because the lines between digital, IT and tech is blurring. It is absolutely critical to partner with IT and tech professionals in the organisation. These are productive partnerships and I sometimes see some resistance to them and that resistance comes from the perception that IT may not move as fast, but that is because IT process is designed to manage risk and enable delivery," he elaborated.

Marketers, he said, should also take advantage of external partners like media agencies because they sit at the crossroad of advertising, and they can be good partners. "You already have established a good partnership with them where you can turn to those external partners for advice and utilise them because they are committed to your long-term success."

Talking about reference architecture, Kaganovsky said, "Wavemaker has developed a framework for decision-making in terms of where are we from tech perspective and where do we need to go. That will allow you to audit yourself to say what do you have today in terms of capabilities and investments and how good are those capabilities and investments. It gives a common language to the organisation. It allows you to evaluate a current state against a future state," he stated.

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