Ad Fraud in India could cost marketers USD 350 million

Mobile ad fraud in India is 2.4 times higher than the rest of the world

Ad fraud in the Indian subcontinent alone stands at approximately 32 per cent and if not curtailed, could cost Indian marketers a whopping USD 350 million of the total USD 1.2 billion digital ad spend, a report has found. In comparison, global ad fraud average, minus India, stands at only 13.6 per cent. Including India raises the average to 15 per cent.


The market study by TUNE, a mobile marketing solutions firm, has found that mobile ad fraud in India is 50 per cent higher than the global average and also 2.4 times higher than the rest of the world. Mobile app install fraud is 1.7x higher.


TUNE studied 24.3 billion clicks on 702 ad networks, plus 437 million mobile app installs in 131 countries. Globally, click fraud across all those ad networks was found to be 15.17 per cent. Eight ad networks are 100 per cent fraud and 35 ad networks are 50 per cent or greater. In terms of mobile app installs, 10 per cent are clearly fraudulent, the report said.


According to the report, mobile app install fraud has become a major problem in India thanks in part to the region’s massive smartphone explosion, app publishers’ desire to grow quickly and fraudsters who are gaming the system.


TUNE’s data scientists checked a sample size of 437 million mobile app installs from January to May 2017, which includes app installs from 131 countries. The country with the highest degree of mobile app install fraud is Guatemala, where 23.65 per cent of all app installs showed signs of fraud (sample size: 497,652 installs.) India, one of the most active countries for mobile app installs, downloaded more apps than Americans in 2016 with a massive 71 per cent growth over 2015. Sadly, 16.2 per cent of 100 million installs in India showed unmistakable signs of fraud.


Globally, marketers lost over USD 7 billion to ad fraud last year. This year, Adloox estimated that ad fraud will more than double, costing advertisers over USD 16 billion. For more updates, subscribe to exchange4media's WhatsApp Channel-

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