Why be the 30-second spot when you can be the whole show?

Robert Kyncl of YouTube shares case studies of Unilever, TopShop & Chevrolet to elucidate how brands can use YouTube to reach out to a greater consumer community

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Updated: Jun 21, 2013 8:31 AM
Why be the 30-second spot when you can be the whole show?

The YouTube session at Cannes Lions 2013 on ‘Why be the 30-second spot when you can be the whole show?’ presented by Robert Kyncl, Vice President, Google, Head of Content, YouTube touched upon the benefits received through collaborating with  YouTube  through recent examples and case studies of Unilever, TopShop and Chevrolet.

The session elucidated that consumers are no longer passive audiences but extremely active audiences and brands can harness the power of YouTube to reach out to a much greater consumer community for a higher level of engagement and interaction.

Brand Dove from Unilever is one such example; the brand’s YouTube sketches campaign has literally taken the viral world by storm with over 155 million views and over 4.5 million media impressions. The campaign, now legendary, has changed the way women view themselves.

Chevrolet successfully changed the brand image of its Sonic range to attract the youth audience and eventually increased sales.

TopShop elucidated how the brand had been successful in streaming a fashion show live, creating a new format and taking an experience that was available to a select few to the masses.
The key takeaways from the successful brand alliances – a result of collaborating with YouTube were:

Be authentic – Be authentic and true to what the brand stands for
Be nimble – Be nimble and seize the opportunity of talking to consumers at the right moment 
Be committed – Once you have the audience attention and have created a buzz as a brand, be committed and continue to engage the audience in different ways for an overall impact.

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