If I go by such interactions with a cross-section of Indian entrepreneurs, it is that starting this year, the big boys who ran businesses began viewing digital media as an integral part of their business model, as critical as conventional media if not more. Going digital to them wasn't an alternate universe any longer, it was one in which they wanted to take decisions, not their subordinates, writes Vivek Bhargava, CEO, DAN Performance Group

Vivek Bhargava 21-December-2016

Vivek Bhargava, CEO, iProspect Communicate 2 on why digital revenues will supersede conventional media revenues, how digital will move beyond marketing and the challenges that traditional agencies will face in the digital space

Vivek Bhargava 18-February-2015

Satyamev Jayate is a testament of how digital has grown to be more than just a customer acquisition medium, says Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate 2

Vivek Bhargava 07-May-2012

The full value of online advertising can be unlocked by moving to systems of measurement, which actually represent the value of the ad to marketers, instead of relying on metrics like cost per lead, which can be misleading, says Vivek Bhargava of Communicate2.

Vivek Bhargava 31-March-2011

This time, Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2, discusses at length the cover story of Fortune magazine, which asked ‘Is Google Over?’. Bhargava gives several convincing reasons why this is far from the truth and affirms that Google is a contender to exponentially increase its market share and eventually dominate global advertising.

Vivek Bhargava 09-September-2010

Yeah, Yeah we know your boss does not think that social media is a fad! Even if your boss believes that social media will be the next big thing, the problem is that he may not commit the budget until he believes it has become big. If every boss thinks so, then my friends it shall never become big... writes Vivek Bhargava, CEO, Communicate2.

Vivek Bhargava 13-August-2010

Since time immemorial man has been obsessed with the creation of a mind reading machine – I believe that a combination of Search and Social media is the closest man has reached to accomplishing this dream, says Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2. Beginning this week, Bhargava’s column ‘Reading Minds’ would be carried every alternate Thursday, where he would give a perspective on the digital medium and how it can help organisations have the competitive advantage.

Vivek Bhargava 29-July-2010

Since time immemorial man has been obsessed with the creation of a mind reading machine – a combination of Search and Social media is the closest man has reached to accomplishing this dream. Six billion searches are performed on Google every month; 25 billion pieces of information are shared on Facebook every month. It is this access to this database of Intent and action allows us read and, more importantly, understand minds, states Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2.

Vivek Bhargava 22-July-2010

As discussed in Part 1 of the post, the online advertising industry, driven by search marketing, has grown from $100 million to $20 billon in less than 10 years. Even though Internet users have reached a critical mass and they are spending a lion’s share of their leisure time on the Internet, what is preventing the industry from going from the current $20 billion to $200 billion? Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2, further analyses.

Vivek Bhargava 08-July-2010

Though total online advertising spend continues to be a few percentage points of total advertising budgets in most Indian companies, we are now on the cusp of a perfect storm of online advertising. Due to this, I expect online advertising, as we know it, to become more than 50 per cent of total advertising in less than five years, writes Vivek Bhargava, MD, Communicate2.

Vivek Bhargava 28-June-2010

The recently concluded Ad-Tech at Singapore 2010 seemed to herald the end to recession in digital advertising. Communicate2 MD Vivek Bhargava, who attended the conference, shares his views on Ad-Tech Singapore and lists not less than 61 key takeaways from the conference.

Vivek Bhargava 08-June-2010