We aim to further strengthening our presence in the global market: Andesh Bhatti, Collectcent

Andesh Bhatti, Founder & CEO, Collectcent shares his insights on the role of big data analytics in the advertising space, what Collectcent has achieved in 2017 and their growth plans for the upcoming year

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Updated: Nov 29, 2017 8:49 AM

Bootstrapped ad-tech firm Collectcent that works with companies like Flipkart, Paytm, Hungama, Amazon, Disney, Nazara and Vuclip, recently signed deals with their Chinese and Japanese partners to expand in the respective markets and is looking to further strengthen its presence in the global market. We spoke to Andesh Bhatti, Founder & CEO, Collectcent on the platform’s strengths, how it monitors the performance of ad campaigns, the role of big data analytics in the advertising space, among other things. Excerpts:

1) How has 2017 been for the platform in terms of business? You were planning to expand to China and Japan by the third quarter of 2017. How did that go along?

Collectcent has been growing 200% y-o-y since we started in 2013. We have stayed true to the culture of community and collaboration and it is visible in our work. Today we are delivering six billion clicks and 4.5 million sales events every month. With regards to our plan to expand in China and Japan, we have already signed deals with some of our global Chinese and Japanese partners who work with us in India, both on the publishers and advertisers side.

2) Any plans to strengthen Collectcent's existing presence and what are your other plans for 2018?

 For 2018, we look forward further strengthening our presence in the global market. One of the key focus for us has always been talent acquisition, and we continue to look for competitive workforce to strengthen our domain expertise and presence in the industry. We have been focussed on implementing impactful ways of ensuring maximum return on investment for our advertisers and publishers. With the new year, we aim to explore innovative technologies and solutions for client growth.

3) What has been your USP that sets you apart from your rivals?

Collectcent was founded at a time when most ad tech companies were using a CPI and CPC model where advertisers weren’t seeing any conversions. It was then that we decided to change the industry model and start Collectcent which functioned exclusively on a CPA (Cost-per-acquisition) model, where clients are charged only after a particular action occurs (app installation, purchase, etc). Our proprietary technology coupled with human intervention is unique and has helped us grow into one of the leading companies in digital advertising, serving clients from diverse industries.

4) How do the algorithms help? Also how does the platform monitor the performance of ad campaigns?

Serving the wrong ad to the wrong person is the biggest problem that the advertising industry faces today. Collectcent’s unique differentiation is its proprietary technology that uses complex algorithms in its big data environment to serve ads based on the publisher, brand and the user. The self-learning algorithms are able to target the right kind of users who have a high propensity to be interested in an ad, click on it and buy the product. We believe in the continuous development of our proprietary technology, and are therefore in-built with redundancy that guarantees that we have the latest tech. we also monitor our digital advertising in real time so that malicious patterns and undesirable behaviour are detected faster and blocked swiftly. This is performance advertising that works wonders for mobile ad networks.

5) How do you think can data make advertising better? Can you tell us about the role of big data analytics in the advertising space and meeting marketing goals?

Data-driven, result-oriented approaches align perfectly with the goals of brands and agencies looking to run an advertising campaign that assures conversions. We record every action the users take at different stages of their mobile transactions, analyse their behaviour and consumption patterns. This helps us convert their every action into an opportunity that could meet our advertisers’ goals.

Data is also crucial in helping you beam advertisements to users when required, based on time of day, day of the week, keywords and geography. Big data can uncover new information about each individual customer. Real-time decisions on live campaigns—this is what big data platforms allows advertisers to accomplish. Data not only helps enhancing the acquisition rate of an advertising campaign but also optimises advertising spends. With these new insights, advertisers can entirely change how they approach marketing as they craft entirely new strategies.

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