Spare a minute for a safer city, says Mumbai Police

Urging Mumbaikars to help tackle terrorism, the police force has launched 'Mumbai Ke Liye 1 Minute' drive that asks citizens to take a minute to watch out for any suspicious object around them

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Updated: Oct 1, 2013 7:54 AM
Spare a minute for a safer city, says Mumbai Police

How many times have you spared a minute to look around and see if there are any unclaimed objects near you? Have you ever tried to make your city a safe place to live? Urging Mumbaikars to support Mumbai Police in tackling terrorism, the police force has launched ‘Mumbai Ke Liye 1 Minute’ drive.

The campaign asks citizens to spare a minute for Mumbai (‘Mumbai Ke Liye 1 Minute’) and watch out for any suspicious object around them to prevent terror attacks. Conceptualised by Ogilvy Mumbai, it’s a three-film campaign directed by Gajraj Rao of Code Red Films. ICICI Bank has stepped forward to support this initiative.

The first film shows an elderly lady in a mall trying her best efforts to look around her table at a food court for anything suspicious. A youngster tries to help her thinking that she has dropped something. Another film shows a pregnant woman in a cinema hall checking under and behind her seat for any unclaimed object. The last film shows a visually-challenged man in a train checking the luggage of the passengers and ensuring that each one belongs to somebody in the train. Each film shows the heroism of the protagonists and conveys the message that it takes just a minute, and a voice-over says, ‘Thoda aas paas nazar rakhein. Kisi vyakti, vastu ya vahan par shak ho to turant police ko phone karein’.

Launching the campaign, Maharashtra Home Minister, RR Patil said, “The government and police are doing their best to ensure security in the city. However, we also appeal to the citizens to be alert.”

Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India said, “How the campaign is pitched is extremely crucial when it involves Mumbai Police. We try to keep it interesting, simple and honest. It worked for us in our earlier campaign for Mumbai Police. Nobody likes to take down a set of instructions but everyone is open to receive a good message at the end of a sweet story.”

The initiative is a long-term one with many more activities planned across various media platforms.

Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai said, “Mumbaikars are always on the run; forever racing against time. To make them pay heed, let alone act on safety measures, is a task easier said than done. Born out of that very insight was ‘Mumbai ke Liye 1 Minute’. It’s a callout to the citizens, reminding them that it doesn’t take much to make Mumbai a safer place.”

Kainaz Karmakar, Group Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai added, “All it takes is a minute to look around. To make this point more dramatic, we chose to weave stories around characters, who despite their physical challenges, manage to take a minute to look around, leaving viewers with a question in their minds – ‘If they can, why can’t I?’  A blind man, an old lady, and a pregnant woman play the part of good Samaritans.”

Is the campaign a wake-up call for Mumbaikars?
Expert take

Raghu Bhat, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications said, “This belongs to what can be possibly called the 'subtle melodrama' genre! It works really well with Indian audiences. This campaign shows physically challenged people going the extra distance to do their duty. In the process, the campaign almost seems to tell the viewer – If a blind man or a pregnant lady can do this, why can't you? In a way, the campaign is not just provocative but also action-inducing. What adds to the effectiveness is that the performances are very natural. One of our highly successful films (by the same director), 'Stand up for the national anthem' used the same technique by showing a one-legged cobbler standing up while the national anthem is playing. I like the simplicity of 'Ek minute to lagta hai' as it exhorts action without preaching.”

Our take
In this fast-paced world, nobody has the time to even spare a minute for public awareness. As a result, there are terror attacks ruining innocent lives. The campaign captures the simple and powerful insight of ‘Mumbai Ke Liye 1 Minute’ and portrays how a vigil minute can help Mumbai in being a safer city.

The ad has used the protagonist in an intelligent manner. It’s a call for action for youngsters and the physically fit people. The ad very subtly ridicules our busy society. The stories are simple, yet inspiring for the viewer. All the ads have been executed very well and the message comes out bold and clear.

The best part about the ad is that it doesn’t push the citizens to do something for the city, but instills a sense of responsibility in them through these heroes. The ad will garner eye-balls and inspire people to spare a minute and be vigilant to stop terror attacks and help Mumbai in becoming more peaceful.

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