Social media is democratising information in all forms: David Mayo

People's involvement is shaping the evolution of media & innovation; while increased consumer interaction will be the key driver for creativity, says the CEO of Bates Asia

e4m by Simran Sabherwal
Updated: Nov 26, 2013 9:33 AM
Social media is democratising information in all forms: David Mayo

Commenting on the theme of the exchange4media conclave 2013, ‘Shifting Media Mindset: Growth Path Ahead’, David Mayo, CEO, Bates Asia, said that he found the theme interesting especially since the theme was directly interlinked to the creativity business.

While the core objective of creativity is largely to solve a larger business problem and in turn drive profitability, media plays a very important part in providing this solution. With businesses being increasing under pressure, the role of media is under constant focus as consumers consume more and more media across various platforms.

David Mayo, CEO, Bates Asia believes that in this scenario, innovation will be the key in driving growth ahead. He cited the example of Wikipedia to showcase the fundamental shift in how media is being used. The involvement of people today is shaping the evolution of media and the direct impact of this is that consumers are no longer passive. Mayo believes that with the influence of consumers growing, this constant interaction of people can effectively be used to generate content as “people control more media than they realise”.

He further said that even creatives need to adapt to this change effectively as new media today fuels desire and has created a platform for people to dictate content. Mayo believes that progressive brands have realised this shift in media, have adapted to this shift and are today getting people involved in their creative processes. “Social media is democratisation of information in all forms,” he pointed out.

Creativity driven by big data
With Big Data being the buzz word, Mayo felt that creativity too will be driven by data, but the key here is on how to use content. With Big Data players acquiring traditional media, as in the case of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buying The Washington Post, Mayo believes that it is the engineers at the internet giant who will re-invent The Washington Post with Big Data and their expertise with data will shape the evolution of the paper going ahead.

Embrace change and innovate
Coca-Cola is a company that has embraced this change and innovated and more involved their core consumers as part of this process. The beverage MNC got people involved by having their name printed on their bottles in place of its sacrosanct logo. While this effort got a tick on both the creative and innovation boxes, the campaign also provided a big boost to the beverage company’s sales.

Innovation that is effective
To celebrate a century of its existence, Oreo ran a campaign for 100 days. The company first searched for what people were talking about and then got people to comment on the current event of the day across their various platforms.

Innovation that is not necessarily expensive
Mayo also emphasised on the misnomer that innovation is an expensive proposition. According to him, innovation does not have to be high technology as it is on what you do rather than how you say it.

Mayo ended by speaking on the power of ‘&’ and partnerships. He said that collaborating and pulling in more people together results in brand new ideas and a good example of this is Bates CHI & Partners in India. He also mentioned here that Bates CHI & Partners plans to bring the London-based media agency M/Six to India early next year. The agency in will be an extension of the London operations.

David Mayo was speaking on the topic ‘The Power Of ‘&’ (Rather Than The Tyranny Of ‘Or’)’, at the 13th edition of the exchange4media Conclave, held in Mumbai on November 25, 2013. The session was chaired by Pratap Bose, COO, DDB Mudra Group.

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