OLX: Catchy tagline but complex TVC

OLX’s ‘Badi badi baatein’ resonates but the TVC has somewhere got too complex in trying to do many things, say experts

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Updated: Oct 9, 2012 9:17 PM
OLX: Catchy tagline but complex TVC

Riding on the success of the ‘Bech De’ proposition, the new TVC for OLX blends humour with husband-wife banter. Revolving around the theme of ‘Badi badi baatein’, this concept is based on the insight that mid-life crisis makes most men buy expensive toys to boost their faltering self-image, and fulfill old dreams. The wives, who are always conscious of this transition, are tolerant, yet aware of the waste of money, as very often the goods bought with much interest, are not used.

The ad campaign has been conceptualised by Saatchi & Saatchi. OLX‘s last two campaigns had established the site’s identity, making it popular across India. The new creative is a step further to cement the idea of making every person use OLX for selling their personal products which have been bought but not used much.

The new TV commercial shows middle-aged married couples, where the wives are shown taunting their husbands for not living up to their tall claims – of learning to play the guitar, lose weight or use that expensive digital SLR camera. Not ready to accept defeat, the husbands play along by promising to keep their word.

The core brand proposition
Amarjit Batra, Country Head of OLX India explains the need to veer to a new idea with this commercial. He said, “OLX’s core brand proposition of individuals buying and selling personal goods in their city using OLX as a platform remains the same.”

In their earlier ads, they had communicated the proposition by showing that OLX is a great place to sell goods that are getting old and to get a good price for them. “Through our new ads, we have extended this concept to products that are not old but are almost brand new and hardly used. We are communicating to people that OLX is the perfect marketplace for them to sell these products easily,” he added.

Building on the proposition of 'Bech de' which was a big success for OLX, the new communication ‘Badi badi baatein’ is based upon the insight that most middle-aged people pile up expensive products such as digital SLR cameras, sleek gizmos, fancy guitars and high-end bikes to complete their desire for learning something new and completing their dreams of yesteryears.

Tapping the Indian family backdrop again in this, Ramanuj Shastry, NCD, Saatchi & Saatchi explained that they deliberately wanted to continue with the typical Indian household setting this time by showing a wife bickering with her husband. They have found that such grounded characters are easily relatable and hence there was no need to get out of the domestic scenario.

“It is common to find couples engage in playful banter of this nature each trying to gain the upper hand. The idea is to make OLX the first name that comes to your mind when you wish to sell something you don’t need lying around the house, in a subtle manner,” he said.

Speaking on the brand promise and the differentiator in the ad, Naman Vardhan, Client Services Director, Saatchi & Saatchi said, “Being free classifieds, the ease of use and the fact it can be used from any device was captured pretty well in the current ad commercial, especially when the husband in the third household posts an ad in a flick of a second through his iPad.”

Media mix
The plan was to extend this campaign on multiple platforms such as radio, social media, etc.
Apart from TV, the campaign has also been extended on to the radio with the same theme of ‘Badi badi baatein’ being utilised to inform listeners to let go of the products after they have served their time on the shelf as adornment. The witty creatives on radio are interesting interactions between various people, to whom one can easily relate to.

Social media
The Facebook page for OLX India is a very active and the community of Facebook fans is more than 1.4 million today. It is among the top three pages in India in terms of overall engagement. “We plan to integrate all forthcoming campaigns on this page and invite people to share their views, voice concerns and also seek suggestions for improvement in all areas,” said Batra, as their endeavour was to be very active socially and reach out to as many people through social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Industry speaks
“The ad instantly brings a smile to your face because you know that’s true,” said Rupam Borah, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Virus. He went to say that he found it charming, lovable, insightful and very ‘campaignable’.

Overall, the production values, casting and lensing of the TVC was liked by Priti Nair, Founder, Curry Nation. However, she felt that too many things are happening too fast in the TVC, so you don’t really enjoy or engage with any one particular moment.

“It’s a fresh take in this category,” said Ashish Chakravarty, Creative Chief, McCann Worldwide. He found the ad nice and said the jingle had recall value but somehow he was reminded of the Saffola ‘Kal se’ ad.

Finding a resemblance to the Saffola ad was also Nair, who felt a man making promises to wife about doing something later is not new idea. “A sharp striking one on this was Saffola kal se re,” she said. As for the recall value, Nair was not so sure. “The line ‘Badi badi baatein’ is awesome; it is so Indian and everyday, but I don’t think it gets exploited the way it should have. The TVC has somewhere got too complex in trying to do many things,” she concluded.

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