Flashback 2014: We are getting a little carried away by the long format ad: Arun Iyer

Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe and Partners on 'unnecessarily long' long format ads and list top campaigns for the year 2014

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Updated: Dec 23, 2014 10:04 AM
Flashback 2014: We are getting a little carried away by the long format ad: Arun Iyer

The rise of long format ads, significant spends by e-commerce players, marked increase in involvement of global management in Indian agencies with India becoming an increasingly important market are some of the main highlights of 2014, summarizes Arun Iyer, National Creative Director, Lowe and Partners.

Iyer also feels that, as an industry, we have been struggling with the animal called digital for too long now, and although there have been sporadic campaigns and standalone campaigns, one big digital engagement which has the country hooked is clearly missing.

“Other than PM Modi, no one has managed to make the most of digital” he says. 

So, what is leading to the increase of long format ads? “The attempt is to become branded content and not advertising. Though, I must say that in this attempt to make long format ads, there are a lot of them that I would have personally liked to edit and to make short. We are getting a little carried away by this whole long format ad, some are just long for the sake of being long. We also need to pull back, whether this sort of a story requires long format or not, that is something we need to get conscious about,” he says.

You can watch the video here:

Arun Iyer’s Top Ads of 2014

Long format Nescafe – very beautifully handled and executed

Yatra.com - I really like the thought behind the Yatra.com ad. It has a fantastic insight.

Centre fresh - The irreverence of the Centre Fresh piece of work is great, their whole take on the ad business is great.

Mumbai Mirror - I don’t necessarily love the piece of work on Mumbai Mirror, but it was a very provocative attempt. Hats off to the team who made the ad and the client for the pack where the newspaper is burnt, that was really brave.

Arun Iyer’s Top Ads from Lowe in 2014

Idea Ullu Banaoing campaign clubbed with the election timing.

KTT was a very interesting collaboration with Unilever and PHD.

Kanna Keep Calm - My personal favourites from the work we have done this year is Kanna Keep Calm for starsports.com

Tanishq – We got the sentiment of the country right in the Diwali piece which was positive yet cautious depicting the mother and son duo.

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