Brands adopt ‘No shortcut to success’ formula to market their products

Brands like Meglow, Cremica, Bournvita and Birla Sun Life Insurance have done away with inflated promises for more realistic ones in their latest advertising campaigns

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Published: Aug 8, 2015 8:16 AM  | 3 min read
Brands adopt ‘No shortcut to success’ formula to market their products

Going by the norm of the advertising world, brands generally market their products on the ultimate goal of success, irrespective of the product they sell.  Whether it is a beauty product or a detergent, they have directly proportioned the usage of the product to success in careers or in life at large.

However, today brands are breaking the mould and incorporating the ‘No shortcut to success’ mantra in their ad campaigns. What comes through is the idea that while products might help brighten clothes or skin tones, they do not offer a ticket to success.

The latest of the lot is the fairness commercial for Meglow Premium Fairness Cream, from Leeford Healthcare where a young man, after being rejected for a job, is disheartened and blames it on his lost ‘nikhaar’ (fairness glow). In turn, he is advised by actor Emraan Hashmi to use Meglow. The twist in the tale comes when he is still rejected in the interview, even after managing to turn fairer. At the end of the TVC, he is made to understand that good qualifications are the criteria for getting through a job interview and not fairness, with the tagline "Fair hai" implying the same.

Watch the ad here:

A similar ad was produced by food products company Cremica in which a girl blames her parents for her losing a race. She points out that while her parents buy her Cremica biscuits which taste great, she wonders how they will help her win against her competitor Neha. To which her parents casually respond that it can only be done by running faster than Neha. The tagline clearly conveys the message “Daawa sirf ek, kamaal ka taste”.

Watch the ad here:

Over the past years, Bournvita has come up with campaigns ‘Achhi Aadatein’ and ‘Taiyyari Jeet Ki’ which highlighted the importance of hard-work in achieving success, whether this meant running till your muscles ached, boxing to the point of bloody knuckles or simply physical exhaustion. The ad films showed that while the drink helped boost energy, it took sheer hard work to succeed.

Watch the ads here:

Success means different things for different people. For some the ultimate victory defines success, but for some, the painstaking effort and the ‘never-say-die’ spirit is success in itself. The Birla Sun Life Insurance ‘Khud Ko Kar Buland’ ad campaign revolves around the same concept. The communication story follows the relentless efforts of a father to bring up his autistic child despite the various hurdles thrown his way.

Watch the ad here:

Today brands are dealing with a much smarter consumer. Their products are researched on the Internet, discussed in forums and opinions are shared. This age of consumers are not looking for a brand to make far flung promises. They most often prefer the kind of advertising that toes the true expectations a product can deliver.

Ads like these have set an example as to how brands can market their products without misleading consumers and yet manage to have high impact value.

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