Ariel's ‘Share the Load’ campaign is about equal ownership of chores

The new campaign conceptualised by BBDO India questions the stereotype of household chores being a feminine responsibility alone and urges men to participate equally.

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Updated: Feb 29, 2016 8:42 AM
Ariel's ‘Share the Load’ campaign is about equal ownership of chores

Last year Ariel Matic for the first time highlighted the gender inequality in households, by throwing open a poignant question like--- Is laundry only a woman’s job?

The campaign ‘Share the Load’ questioned the stereotype of household chores being a feminine responsibility alone and urged men to participate equally. Taking the same theme forward, the brand has launched a new communication, conceptualised by BBDO India which acts like a clarion call for all dads to remind them to share the load and participate in household chores.  Through the question- ‘Is laundry only a mother’s job,  the ad aims to ensure that every man sets a right example in front of his children by participating equally in household chores.

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Commenting on how they arrived at the insight, Josy Paul, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India said, “Household inequality is a very relevant and an often overlooked truth across the country. 70% of men across the country believe household chores are a woman’s job. The root cause for this is the passing down of this prejudice from one generation to the next. Children learn what they see. Research shows that 71% of children today ask their mothers to do the laundry. Why? Because they've never seen their dads do laundry. As a result, they grow up imitating what they’ve seen and learnt at home.”

Taking about the new campaign, Paul cited “It's not just a campaign; it's a movement for social change. By raising a mirror to society, the brand is seeking a better world where there's equality within the household and hence happier households. Where men and women have equal responsibilities and take equal ownership of chores. Laundry is almost the face of the change we are trying to drive across the country.”

The film highlights a father’s realization of how household chores should not be gender specific but should be equally shared by men and women. A gripping narrative is woven around this theme and we see a role reversal of sorts being subtly propagated to drive home this point.

There is a lot of conversation happening on social media around the campaign, within four days of its release, the video has gone viral and managed to get more than 3 million views.

Expert take:

Giving his views on the campaign, KV Sridhar, Chief Creative Officer, Sapient Nitro said, “I really liked the campaign. The reason being, it has a very deep insight that children learn from what we as parents do. It is a natural instinct that we make the girls do enough girly things, which is very unfair on our part. As a woman, she is not only fighting for a successful career, but also within her home. This is like an eye-opener for every father and it makes them realise that nothing is too late to make a beginning.”

He further added, “While, the earlier campaign concentrated on raising the issue of gender inequality within households, this new ad shares things from a father’s perspective. It highlights that how children get influenced by parents and how they can put you to shame.”

Previous campaign:

The earlier film highlighted things from the perspective of two elderly women. It featured two ladies discussing about how the world has changed for them and the progress that they have made in their careers and earnings. Their conversation is interrupted by the son of one of the ladies, who asks his wife – who is seen busy with her office work – why she hasn’t washed his green shirt. The ad ends with the question – ‘Is laundry only a woman’s job?’

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The campaign ‘Share the Load’ went on to win accolades both in India and abroad. It bagged a Glass Lion at Cannes in 2015 and at the Spikes Asia 2015 in Singapore, under the ‘Direct’ category; the agency won a Gold Spike for the campaign.

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