'We want to redefine how hyperlocal targeting is used to connect with audiences'

Rishabh Mehta, Founder & CEO, Locad, shared with us how the organisation is building innovative products and IoT solutions for location-based advertising and the OOH media industry

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Updated: Jan 8, 2020 9:28 AM
Rishabh Mehta

OOH is no longer just about reach but also about measuring reach. Players like Locad are using technology to integrate both. A Singapore based technology company, Locad is building innovative products and IoT solutions for location-based advertising and OOH media industry.

“Our products and real-time analytics help business owners and agencies get meaningful insights like never before. Our proprietary predictive intelligence technology gives a new dimension to the mobile advertising industry,” said Rishabh Mehta, Founder and CEO, Locad.

“With 3500+ DOOH Programmatic screen network across 9 states and 18 cities in India already live, we are re-defining the way hyperlocal targeting can be used by businesses to engage and attract their audiences. Kartomania's current campaign across our Gurgaon DOOH Programmatic Network is a great testimonial for the same. Our platform helped them to do day and time targeting across corporates in Gurgaon. Giving small and large brands the power to target at scale with few clicks is really changing the way in Digital Out-of-Home Industry. The best part - we have just about started,” he shared.  

Although outdoor advertising always plays a go-to-medium for political parties during elections, during Lok Sabha elections 2019, Locad, played a vital role in outdoor monitoring for BJP. The party roped in Locad to keep a tab on real-time progress of the campaigns.

Explaining further he said, “BJP had approached us with the intent of using technology. So, traditionally, every time when the election campaign is done, the campaign is over and post that they do a post mortem and understand what went wrong, what happened. So this time, they wanted to have a real-time view of what is happening on the ground and in reality, and be able to continuously adapt, change, innovate on the basis of data that's coming real-time. So the entire planning in terms of which side to take, where to take to real-time, monitoring of each and every asset that was put up, gave them a collective idea across all 542 constituencies at any given point in time.”

For Locad, 2019 has been a phenomenal year with several key milestones achieved. “We bagged Lok Sabha Election Campaign 2019 Pan India OOH Monitoring & Planning for BJP, Bagged multiple State Election Campaigns for Monitoring & Planning for BJP ( including the current Delhi State Elections 2019), added several agencies, brands and media owners on our platform, rolled out of our Programmatic DOOH & CMS Network of 3500+ Screens across 9 states and 18 cities in India and International roll out across Australia & Indonesia AND to top it all upending the year with a big bang of reaching the 3 million OOH AUDIT milestone in India,” Mehta shared with us.

So, what’s in store in 2020? “There will be a bigger push on digital out-of-home, programmatic DOOH and we're excited to expand exponentially. I think an equal amount of effort requires to be put in by agencies and brands to educate them. This is how we should look at moving forward. Apart from that, I think a lot of innovations will also take place,” he concluded.

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