We have started integrating technology into our creative thinking: Pankaj Acharya

Acharya, Founder & CEO, Purple Focus Pvt. Ltd tells us how his agency has grown, campaigns curated by them and more

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Updated: Jan 22, 2020 12:35 PM
Purple Focus

The OOH creative agency, Purple Focus had its humble beginnings in the year 1995 in the city of Indore. Today, they have branched out to become a reputed national player in the OOH space. They serve clients in Gurugram, Mumbai, and Indore. Purple Focus has a skilled team of 70 plus professionals who offer Integrated Marketing Communication services including Strategic Brand Management Services, Creative Communication Services, Social Media Management and Engagement Activation Services, both Digital and on-ground.

Pankaj Acharya, Founder & CEO, Purple Focus Pvt. Ltd spoke to us about the growth of his agency, campaigns curated by them, trends and challenges in the OOH space.

Firstly, talking about the growth of Purple Focus from its inception to date, Acharya pointed out that Purple Focus had a humble beginning as a 2 member team in Indore in 1995 December. He shared, “Today Purple Focus group comprising of 2 companies is in the 25th year of existence with a 60+ people strong team with offices in Indore, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Goa, offering creative advertising, branding, event management, and activation services to a good roster of clients.”

DOOH opens up a whole new world of storytelling. Speaking about how DOOH will amplify OOH creatives Acharya stated, “In this field, a lot of disruption is happening in the west. But in India its in a very primitive stage. Unfortunately, India really lags behind in the deployment of DOOH. A uniform policy at the centre, state and Municipal level will be required for the deployment which I feel is some time away. But as far as the creativity in DOOH is concerned, possibilities are endless.”

Purple Focus has conceptualised impactful campaigns for brands like Phillips, YOUVA, Eicher Motors to name a few. “We have done a lot of successful creative multimedia/OOH campaigns for brands that we manage. Philips Lighting, DOMS stationery, Total Lubricants, Youva, Yellow Diamond, Eicher Motors, among others”, remarked Acharya.

The most notable campaign from the array of campaigns conceptualised by the agency is for Philips Lighting. It was a multimedia campaign across India (Print+Retail Posters+Outdoors). Acharya speaking about the impact it garnered, said, “The festive season campaign which we broke in 2017 has been so successful that the same theme with fresh creatives has been running till today. It was also appreciated globally and it won a lot of awards.”

He added, “The insight was that during festivities time consumer is not only decorating their homes with lights but also taking on renovations and initiations into new homes as well. The proposition of this festive season was a promise of the ‘right light’ to consumers. The communication brief was to drive the vibrant spirit of various festivities as a backdrop.”

The OOH campaign by the agency for Phillips captured the very essence of festivity in India and represented it in a way that echoed with the spirit of its people. The campaign beautifully threads across varied religious backgrounds and cultures and strikes the right kind of chord with people, while communicating the primary message of ‘right light’.

Acharya further commented, “The campaign is a visual treat where the entire theme was created on drawing a cultural significance using just the products. The entire range of LED products right from LED Battens to Led Bulbs and other LED products were interestingly used to craft imagery that was nothing short of an art form. A lot of hard work and efforts have gone in to craft this campaign. And the delight of the final output is for everybody to see.”

Telling us more about a DOOH creative that has captured Acharya’s attention either globally or in India, he said, “One of the finest examples which have stuck with me is for Apotek, a pharmacy brand. In one of their campaigns, they used a sensor that activated the display when cigarette smoke was detected. A video of a man coughing and then nicotine patches products and its availability at the nearest store would then follow. This DOOH took into consideration its physical surroundings and location data to provide hyper-targeted, hyper-relevant, advertising to the exact audience. What a marvellous play of technology in OOH.”

The larger play of technology, the cheaper the cost of deployment, evolution from LED screens only to a mashup of visual, aural, olfactory and touch sense too to offer a delightful and awestriking experience. All of this dependent on government policy in sync with traffic, municipal corporations and other departments are some of the trends according to Acharya that will enhance the OOH industry going forward.

Pointing out the challenges OOH players face, Acharya stated, “As stated above, lack of government policies, unorganised development, lack of exposure, lack of a common platform for identifying talent (read Engineers, technocrats, visualizers, behaviourists, and Media) who can execute or production the creative idea of the agency for the brand. A very primitive DOOH infrastructure.”

Lastly, Acharya spoke about the outlook for Purple Focus for the year 2020, “For us, we have resolved to start integrating technology into our creative thinking. This is the year to begin it.”

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