Think beyond the traditional OOH space: Pratap Bose

“Small things that are engaging, catchy & create an experience can drive the OOH industry to new heights,” says the COO of DDB Mudra Group

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Updated: Mar 25, 2013 8:08 PM
Think beyond the traditional OOH space: Pratap Bose

Preventing suicides through digital LED displays might seem like a joke to many but the South Korean capital Seoul has installed anti-suicide monitoring devices on a bridge that starts speaking to the person and relates that back to the police station to prevent the growing number of suicides. This is the power of technology reshaping the marketing landscape of the country. People are spending considerable time online, and digital is also becoming part of the marketing blueprint of many companies. More than mere reach, the medium’s nature of two-way communication presents a great opportunity to enter into a dialogue with consumers, instead of a one-way broadcast. Social media has become the game-changer and brands are trying to utilise the space to create value for the customers and drive engagement.

According to Pratap Bose, Chief Operating Officer at DDB Mudra Group, today’s youth is addicted to social media and the out of home (OOH) industry needs to connect with social media. Outdoor medium is extremely relevant provided it is made relevant. He points out brands are not relating digital to outdoor.

“OOH has the ability to interact in 3D and to become much more than just a medium. It can be engaging creating an experience to be shared by the customers,” added Bose.

He highlighted some of the most innovative use of billboards, posters, bus shelters, cinema, metro stations, airports and retail that have created a long-lasting impact in the minds of the consumers. Here’s a look to some of them:

Researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima and advertising agency Mayo Peru DraftFCB launched the billboard that produces drinking water out of air. Watch the video to quench your thirst.

London agency Manning Gottlieb OMD created posters for Google Voice Search, featuring more than 150 site-specific ads with phonetic spellings of nearby landmarks to promote the voice search offering in London. Watch the video to try the offering.

Bus shelter
Mobile technology company Qualcomm put up a poster featuring a URL and then waited for people to visit the mobile site. When they pressed a button on the site, it brought in a few surprises to the bus stop. Watch the video to get surprised.

One of the most striking Hollywood stunts was the screening of Life of Pi done through floating boats in Paris with red carpet rolled out next to the pool to fashionable audiences. Watch the video to enjoy the screening.

Metro station
The metro station at Milan was converted into Tokyo with billboards, posters and people depicting the culture at Tokyo. People coming out of the metro got the experience of landing at Tokyo while being in Milan. Watch the video to visit Tokyo.

To launch the new Stress Protect Deo, Nivea put passengers at the airport in an unexpected situation as they were called out to be a suspect of a crime. They were provided with the Nivea Stress Protect Deo after the prank was revealed. Watch the video to get de-stressed.

In order to introduce the discount offer at Big Bazaar, DDB Mudra Max created a magic frisk for all those who entered the mall. They had to go through a routine security check and the time they spent in line was used to communicate the message. The security guard at the bag check counter was replaced by a magician. Watch the video to see the magic.

Technology can be used to create the experiences that are unique and engaging. OOH should be created in a manner that gives people an opportunity to share, engage and participate. According to Bose, in order to become successful, one has to think beyond the traditional OOH space to be able to create something for the consumers so that they can interact. “Small things that are engaging, catchy, innovative, and create experience for the consumers with a relevant plan, can drive the industry to new heights,” said Bose.

Pratap Bose shared his views at the third edition of exchange4media and network2media’s OOH Conference and Awards held on March 22, 2013 in Gurgaon.

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