OOH players paving the way for a measurement system

A number of OOH leaders came together recently to form a Request for Proposal with regards to formulation and implementation of a measurement system for the industry

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Updated: Mar 20, 2020 8:42 AM
RFP on Measurement System for OOH

The OOH industry has been working towards having a measurement system in place that most industry players say will help agencies convince their clientele about the ROI that they can provide brands. 

With the aid of digital tool and measurement system, agencies want to gauge the impact that a particular OOH site can deliver.

A number of OOH leaders came together on March 11, 2020, to form a Request for Proposal (RFP) with regards to formulation and implementation of a measurement system for the industry.

According to OOH players the measurement system, once in place, will be enabled to track Audience Measurement, Consumer (Income, Demographics, Gender), Site Classification, Site GPS, Billboard Sizes and Digital Locations. The aim is to be able to garner data from an area spanning 40-50 km. The system will not just cover DOOH sites but static and transit OOH too.

The rudimentary steps are already being taken, says Noomi Mehta, Chairman & MD, Selvel One. “We're sitting with the agencies and I've come to the conclusion that we have to finally float an RFP for measurement. This will be done in the next month or so. We will hopefully be able to decide by May or June on the companies that should be part of conducting the study. Coronavirus is forcing us to pause because we are not sure whether people will come down for the briefing where they will be explained the technologies that they want to use. But we are making a start. It's a tiny one, but a start still,” stated Mehta.

The measurement mechanism is expected to add to the medium’s efficiency. According to Gour Gupta, CEO, The Max, and Managing Director, Tribes Group, “OOH is one of the most rapidly expanding segments and the only hindrance to its growth path is the absence of a valid measurement system. With availability of tech-based system tools these measurement systems would only add to the efficiency and acceptability of the medium," Gupta said.

Having a system to measure the efficacy of a campaign will help OOH players to assist the media planners in evaluating multiple plans, says Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions. “Today, we have a syndicated study or research in all media except for OOH. With this step forward the OOH industry will have a common currency soon. This will surely result in putting method to the madness and the client will have faith in investing more in this media. Currently, there are quite a few clients who are hesitant in OOH investment. However, this will surely help in eradicating the gut feel and building up confidence within OOH media.”

 The OOH industry has started feeling the need for a unified standard and to this effect most players are looking forward for the RFP.   

The Director of a prominent OOH agency shared: “We are trying to create platforms and tools to help advertisers get a sense of what their campaigns deliver but there is no industry standard. As a group and as an industry we are trying to propagate that. We are trying to invest in a standard that is unified. The discussions on RFP for a measurement system is still premature now. I think in the next 2 to 3 months we will hear more about it. It is a collective decision that all OOH agencies will have to take in order for this unified measurement system to come into effect. In the past, there were attempts but now it looks more likely to happen because all agencies and stakeholders are thinking alike. The RFP for measurement is important and very soon will come into play.”

For Ketan B Lakhani, Director, Orienta Cine Advertising, this will be the end to a long wait. “Having a unified body for the outdoor advertising industry is something we have been waiting, wanting and talking about for a very long time.”

Sharing a different perspective, Sanil Jain, Co-founder, CupShup said a measurement system will address the challenges of attribution in OOH. The digital players are better off in this regard as they have metrics in terms of reach, impressions and eventual conversions.

In all a measurement system for the OOH industry seems to be on the verge of becoming a reality. And to achieve this, industry veteran Noomi Mehta advocates the need to come together, collaborate, cooperate and build a strong association.

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