IRS Q1 2019: Sakal adding 13.43L readers is a healthy sign: Uday Jadhav, CEO

Increasing readership will give advertisers more reasons to invest in Print, Jadhav, CEO, Sakal Media Group, tells exchange4media

e4m by Noel Dsouza
Updated: May 1, 2019 8:22 AM

The IRS Q1 2019 report has placed Sakal on the 9th position among the top-10 of regional language publications. The total readership of Daily Sakal stands at 11,841,000.

Uday Jadhav, CEO, Sakal Media Group, spoke to exchange4media on the Indian Readership Survey report and how it would benefit the group. 

Edited excerpts:

What does IRS Q1 2019 report mean for the Sakal media group?  
The IRS study is important for us to understand the changing dynamics of our readership. Sakal has added 13.43 lakh readers which is a healthy sign for us. It also assures us that our readers are appreciating the innovations and the product development we are doing to deliver is the best possible product in the most effective way. We will further slice and dice the data to understand the reader behaviour in detail.

What does the report mean for regional language publications? 
The regional language publications are the best media vehicle to reach out to the urban audience which every brand is scouting for. The shrinking NCCS D/E also reflects the increasing affluence in the regional markets. Internet penetration in Rural India is still around 16 per cent, which makes Print the most preferred vehicle to talk to these consumers. The readership numbers will further strengthen the intent of advertisers to invest more in regional print.

Magazines are thriving as per the report and have grown drastically. What are your views on that?
This is surprising as the trend has dramatically reversed. In new India, content is king. The consumer is demanding relevant and quality content. Any media which will deliver quality content will continue to grow.

Your views on the report paving way for quarterly reports and how will that help the publication
Quarterly numbers will eliminate the possibility of a sudden rise or fall in numbers. It also gives us an opportunity every quarter to analyse market trends and tune the strategies accordingly.

Will there be growth in ad revenue going forward?
The IRS numbers have busted the myth of Print readership declining. With increasing readership, we are sure it will give advertisers more reasons to invest in Print. Across India, the regional newspapers are an extremely crucial link to reach out to the educated audience.  Urban Maharashtra presents a huge potential for marketers. We are witnessing the focus of many brands shifting towards affluent to urban Maharashtra and this will certainly help boost our revenues going forward.

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