IRS 2014: Publishers glad to have the currency back

Although publishers expected more from IRS 2014, including improvement in methodology, they are happy to have fresh findings. Meanwhile, leading media houses are analysing the latest numbers and will respond with their feedback very soon

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Updated: Apr 1, 2015 9:27 AM
IRS 2014: Publishers glad to have the currency back

After a period of one and a half years, IRS has released its readership findings.  Publishers were waiting for the results keenly and borrowing a quote from the Hollywood flick Iron Man, one of them also said, “It’s an imperfect research, but it’s the only one that we’ve got”.

Now after much controversies and cases the results are out but they haven’t exactly been an opportunity to rejoice for all publishers.  While some of the publishers opted to keep quiet on the latest findings, some of them said they do not subscribe to IRS anymore and some of them expressed their concern.

Sharing his thought Varghese Chandy, Senior General Manager, Malayala Manorama, said, “What we are seeing in the numbers of 2014 data is only quarter of 2014 numbers has been added in the sample of 2013 numbers. The problem we faced in 2013 will be reflected in 2014. If the problem of 2013 has to go out of 2014 we need the data for three more quarters. This data is more of a reflection of 2013 in 2014.”

While Jwalant Swaroop, CEO, Sakal feels the results are almost good. He said, “Our results are good and the numbers are fine. We welcome the latest data and encourage the findings but still it needs a lot of improvement.”

Talking from the point of view of Sakal, he added, “Without any readers scheme or any vendors scheme we have done well. Without any schemes we have seen the growth and it gives an indication that with good content and engagement we can grow in the state. Every publisher in Maharashtra and Goa has deployed their circulation schemes. We know the pulse of the market and to grow in a market like Pune is an uphill task.”

When asked about what he thinks of the frequency of IRS figures and absence of figures from different quarters he replied, “Advertising fraternity buys and swears on this data and if no one has refuted the data then it doesn’t matter”.  

Senior Vice President of Haribhoomi, S S Kataria pointed out, “The news findings are fine and there is nothing new about the latest numbers, I am happy the industry has a currency again.”

Commenting on the top line findings of IRS 2014, Anant Nath, Director, Delhi Press said, “We are happy that the readership has increased this is good as far as the top line is concern. We have seen some change in this time and increase of readership between 5-10 per cent.”

He also pointed out on the continuity of IRS, he said, “IRS should maintain its pace and data. IRS needs to release data with consistency and stability. With this continuity it will re establish the faith of publishers.”

On the condition of anonymity one of the leading Hindi publishers said, “They have tried well this time to improve the data but I’ll still not consider this as fool- proof. But on the other hand, we are happy that at least the currency is back in the market we were waiting for it since very long.”

He also added, though there are few anomalies but if the agencies and clients accept it then this survey will bounce back in the market and data will become active.

We also learnt that leading media houses are analysing the latest numbers and will respond with their feedback very soon. 

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