Reporter’s Diary: Making sense of events

Reporter Deepa Balasubramanian ventures into the world of experiential marketing and finds an astonishing level of sophistication there

e4m by Deepa Balasubramanian
Updated: Feb 2, 2013 8:47 PM
Reporter’s Diary: Making sense of events

At the age of 23, the thought that runs through my mind is how to achieve my goals within a short duration. The first and the formost element required to be a reporter who gets the stories is ‘hard work’. My venture into journalism has led me to the world of marketing and advertising, and now it has also branched out to the events industry.

The way events and experiential marketing have evolved in the country is mindboggling. It has acquired expertise, sophistication, finesse, technological breakthroughs and fierce competitiveness over the years. It has gone much beyond the odd promotions within a store.

While advertising creates visual and audio imagery for a brand, it is experiential marketing that lets customers interact with the brand first hand. And events marketing professionals are leaving no stone unturned to create visibility for a brand at different touchpoints, even adapting the communication and interaction to suit local tastes.

Little do the customers realise how much work goes into setting up a mall activation project, or creating brand salience in a sold out house rock concert, or even that small and exclusive space within a superstore dispensing information about a new product in the market.

I have just touched the tip of the events marketing iceberg and intend to delve deeper into this exciting discipline of marketing to understand how brands build that special connect, how much such interactions reflect in the bottomlines, and how budgets are being allocated and how companies make the most of the ROI.

Over the next few months I am on this journey of discovery and am looking forward to some insightful reports based on my interactions with the best in the industry.

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