Meet the Mom bosses of the media industry 

As the world gets ready to celebrate Mother’s Day tomorrow, we spoke to women leaders in the media fraternity about what motherhood means to them

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Updated: May 11, 2019 8:56 AM
Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, we take the chance to meet some of the women in the media industry who have beautifully juggled their roles of being a Mom and that of an industry leader with positivity and ease.

They have all been leading prominent companies in the industry whilst taking care of their children. Let’s see what they have to say about what motherhood means to them. 

Lulu Raghavan, Managing Director, Landor Associates

Motherhood to me is like attending the University of Life. It’s a state in which you are constantly learning, growing and evolving. It’s a place of self-awareness and reflection. Some tests you pass with flying colours, some which you squeak by on and others that you downright fail. Your children are your best teachers. Other moms and dads are your classmates. You would have graduated from the University of Life only when you can proudly say that your children have become mature, well-balanced adults who live enriching, purposeful and satisfying lives. 

I’m increasingly trying to be present where I am, rather than always worrying about the other place. When I am at work, I am fully focused on work. Well almost. There’s always the occasional emergency call from the school to pick up one or the other of my daughters! When I am at home, I try to stay focused on the girls. The latter is always harder - which is to forget about work when at home. There is a great temptation to check in with work on email or calls. The business of creativity can’t be delivered between 9 to 6, so my mind is always fertilising random thoughts. It takes a lot of discipline to be really present with my girls when I am spending quality time with them. I find it incredibly easy to switch into the work mode and incredibly difficult to switch off! 

Shradha Agarwal, COO, Grapes Digital

Today motherhood is one of the most guilt conscious relationship on this earth. The guilt of not giving the right amount of time (quality time), enough toys or not enough toys; it’s crazy that you are never satisfied for whatever you have done or not done. The amount of peer pressure you go through in motherhood I feel is way above board exams. I believe a mother has all the right to be happy and content first to keep the child content. Motherhood to me is a two-way relationship where both the child and the mother should think about each other’s preferences and priorities. A child should be taught to understand that they need to compromise for family members the way we do for them. Because as a child grows she will go through various phases in her life - as a teenager when friends are everything, in adulthood where career is important or after marriage when her personal family is important. That moment expecting them to give you everything as you are their old parents is not only impractical but also unfair. Hence, it's important to treat motherhood also as a relationship that needs to be nurtured with a lot of love, care and responsibility. 

Tackling the two is difficult and exhausting. I am a mother of two girls, my younger one is only 3 months old and the elder one is 5. For the elder one, her parents are her best friend. We try and spend time with her in the evening and over the weekends, we make a conscious effort towards that. There are days we don’t interact with her at all because she is asleep by the time we are home. But we ensure that we get involved in helping her organise her playdates. This helps us in knowing her friend's circle and imbibing values not only in her but also in the group she belongs to. 

Anusheela Saha, Group Creative Director, FCB Ulka

“Being a working mother means that you are always disappointing somebody,” says actor Meg Ryan. I feel the day a mum gives birth to a baby, she also gives birth to a guilt bug that keeps bugging her, for a really long time!

There are days we listen to the bug and feel terrible about working on weekends or staying late at work. And on other days, we just feel like squashing it like a fly! But the truth is that we live with it. Even as we excel at our jobs and add more metals to our shelves, the guilt bug also stays on, ready to pounce.

Deepshikha Dharmaraj, Managing Director, Genesis BCW

Being a mother means giving unconditional love, support and encouragement to my son. Giving him the courage to make choices and discover his strengths while learning to deal with failures.
While sometimes it gets challenging while balancing many roles, it’s also about knowing when to prioritise—there are many people who can get a job done, but only I can be his mother. I read somewhere, “I am proud of many things in life but nothing beats being a mother.” And this resonates with me completely. 

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